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Organization Structure of Kaohsiung Public Library

Organization Structure of Kaohsiung Public Library:
The Kaohsiung Public Library is led by a director, a deputy director and secretaries. Under the Main Library, there are several divisions and sections: Accounting Office, Personnel Office, Office of Civil Service Ethics office and nine sections in total. The branches include: Kaohsiung Cultural Center Branch, Kaohsiung City Museum of Kaohsiung Literature Branch, Gushan Branch, Cijin Branch, Youchang Branch, Zuoying Branch, Sanmin Branch, Sinsing Branch, Yancheng Branch, Cianjhen Branch, Nangushan Branch, Cueiping Branch, Lingya Branch, Yangming Branch, Nanzihkeng Branch, Zuosin Branch, Baojhu Branch, Heti Branch, Li Keyong Memorial Library, Caoya Branch, Siaogang Branch, Gangshan Branch, Gangshan Cultural Center Branch, Renwu Branch, Yanchao Branch, Ciaotou Branch, Zihguan Branch, Zihguanchihdong Branch, Mituo Branch, Mituo Park Branch, Yong-An Branch, Cieding Branch, Lujhu Branch, Hunei Branch, Alian Branch, Tianliao Branch, Jhonglun Branch, Fongshan 2nd Branch, Fongshan Caogong Branch, Dashu Branch, Dashu 2nd Branch, Dashu 3rd Branch, Dashe Branch, Chengguan Branch, Dadong Arts Library, Niaosong Branch, Daliao Branch, Jhongjhuang Branch, Linyuan Branch, Linyuan 2nd Branch, Cishan Branch, Meinong Branch, Jiasian Branch, Neimen Branch, Neimen Neipu Branch, Neimen Mujha Branch, Neimen Gouping Branch, Shanlin Branch, and Liouguei Branch.

Updated:2015-01-13 PM 04:44:52