Reference Service

I. Objective:
This overview of reference service is enacted with the objectives of disseminating information and data, as well as satisfying library patrons’ desire for knowledge.   

II. Types of service provided:
1. Face-to-face queries: provides answers in person to library patron questions. 
2. Telephone queries: provides immediate answers over the phone during business hours.
3. Queries by mail: provides answers to patron questions raised via mail. 
4. Email queries: the Email account is provided for patron queries.  This library responds to these questions via Email.  
5. Online consultations: the Skype account allows this library to instantly provide consultation for patron queries.   

III. Services:
1. General information queries.
2. Expert knowledge queries. 
3. Assist patrons in searching reference books and collection materials. 
4. Provide expert materials: Build various databases and online resources for public reference.  
5. Photocopy service: Provide patrons with the use of a photocopier.  
6. Interlibrary loans: Provide interlibrary loans and material photocopies from other libraries through interlibrary cooperation.  

IV. Service record: Provide FAQs for searches. 
V. These items are implemented after being passed and announced by this library’s Library Affairs Council, as with any amendments thereto.  

Mr. Lin is the interlibrary cooperation representative, as well as reference service provider. He can be reached at +886-7-3950813. 

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