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[NEWS]Records of Literature over the Past 100 Years: Documentary and After-Screening Discussion with Poets Chiung-ming Cheng and Kun-lun Chen

To celebrate the centennial anniversary of Taiwanese Cultural Association, National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) has organized a lecture series named "Taiwanese Cultural Association x Literature—Lecture Series on Taiwan's Literature Movement". At the same time, NMTL co-organized the series of "Glimmering in Shadow" with Kaohsiung Literature Library. The first event of the series "Ideals for the Weakest Voices" includes the screening of a documentary and an after-screening discussion. The event will be held on September 4th at the 2F Literature Salon of Kaohsiung Literature Library. Section Chief Peirong Lin of the Research and Collection Section of NMTL will be the moderator. Chiung-ming Cheng, the President of Taiwan Literature Development Foundation, and Kun-lun Chen, the President of Chun-Hui Publishing will be the panelists. They will discuss how writers founded journals to protect local literature back in the times when Taiwanese literature faced great challenges.


Taiwan New Literature Movement emerged in the 1920s when intellectuals turned their ideas into actions to pay attention to Taiwan's progress. In 1982, feeling the constraints faced by local literature, Shih-tao Yeh, a writer living in Kaohsiung at the time, collaborated with poets like Chiung-ming Cheng, Kun-lun Chen, Guei-Hai Tzeng, Chen-chiang Hsu, and commentator Rui-chin Peng to issue "Literature Taiwan" magazine. The magazine ceased publication in 1989 after 28 issues. In 1991, "Literary Taiwan Magazine" emerged as a new magazine to carry on the tasks of "Literature Taiwan". At present, Literary Taiwan Magazine has published 119 issues. When there were inadequate resources on literary circles and academic research, the two magazines were among the first to publish special reports on writers, which laid the foundation for the study of Taiwan's literary history.


"Glimmering in Shadow", a documentary directed by Ching-ju Tsai will be screened on September 4th during the event. Poets Chiung-ming Cheng and Kun-lun Chen will participate in the after-screen discussion to talk about why they decided to publish the magazines and the challenges they encountered. The second event "biographical documentary and film reading" will be held on September 12th at National Museum of Taiwan Literature. The speakers include documentary director Ching-ju Tsai and film critic Bing-Hong Zheng.


Kaohsiung Literature Library has also organized a series of activities titled "Writers and Their Lives". On September 11th, writer Xi-cheng Wang will hold a new book launch event at the 2F Literature Salon of Kaohsiung Literature Library and talk about his new book "Close to Dusk". In his new book, Wang talked about the various struggles and reflections he experienced in different phases of his life and the changes of Taiwan's industry.


For epidemic prevention, participants are required to follow all relevant rules. For details and reservations, please visit the official website of Kaohsiung Literature Library.


Chiung-ming Cheng (first from the right), the President of Taiwan Literature Development Foundation, Kun-lun Chen (second from the left), the President of Chun-Hui Publishing and Director Ching-ju Tsai standing in front of the statue of Shih-tao Yeh.


Chiung-ming Cheng (left), the President of Taiwan Literature Development Foundation, Kun-lun Chen (middle) were interviewed by Director Ching-ju Tsai (right) for the documentary.


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