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The 2022 Kaohsiung Youth Literary Award Represents Passing Down the Torch in Local Literature and Change of Generations.

The "2022 Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award", organized by Kaohsiung Public Library and the Kaohsiung Literary Museum, has been a major award for teachers and students who love literature, with entries from junior high school, high school and adult groups. Wu Dai-yu, who has guided students to win the award for two consecutive years, Huang Hsin-ming of Zuoying Junior High School, who continues to accompany his students after graduation, and Chen Chiu-yiu of Youchang Junior High School, who has guided three students to win the award, have shown their touching teacher-student friendship during the process of mentoring students to participate in the competition, and have demonstrated a deep sense of passing on the torch.


On Nov. 12, 2022, at 10:00 a.m., the award ceremony was held on the second floor of Kaohsiung Literary Museum. The organizer invited important local writers in Kaohsiung to attend the ceremony, such as Cheng Chiung-ming, chairman of the Literary Taiwan Foundation, Chen Kun-lun, publisher of Literary Taiwan Magazine, Tsai Wen-Chang, chief advisor of the Agongdian River Literary Award, and Huang Han-long, editor-in-chief of “Southern Youth Journal”. Together with this year's jury of new talent, they gave their blessings to the 34 young people in attendance, linking them in a literary dialogue between generations.


Kaohsiung City Government advisor Chen Pei-ru said, "Literature has a shelf life, but it can also be said that it does not. Although what is left behind through writing is the feelings of the time, the beautiful moments recorded by the works will always be preserved no matter how much time has passed. In her speech, Chien Mei-Ling, Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government said that literature is a potential text and asset of the city, and that as long as "the city has one more creative pen, it has one more power to move forward.” She further responded to the graphic arts judge, Chen Jia-qi, and expressed her expectation that more potential works will have the opportunity to be integrated with the cultural and film industries in the future.


In his acceptance speech, Tu Yu-chian, who won the first prize in the 16-18 year old group for new poetry and short stories, and was given an honorable mention in the prose category for his first submission, said that there were many things in his life at this stage, such as parent-child relationship and school, but the theme of the entry made him think about what the most important thing was, and he thought it was his appearances, which led to this year's winning entry, "Acne".



Huang Hsin-ming, a junior high school teacher who guided the students in the competition, said he loves creative writing and enjoys reading literature and finding inspiration for creative works with his students. The student who won the award, Liu Pin-xu, won the first prize in the prose category of the 12-15 year old category in 2020 when he was a student at Zuoying Junior High School, and his work "The Slow Flow of the Window Scene" amazed the judges of that year for its special style of describing still life. Although he graduated two years ago and has studied in Kaohsiung Senior High School ever since, he still maintains a mentoring relationship with his mentor and wrote the essay "When the Chrysalis Moved", which won the first prize in the 16-18 year old category.


The highlight of the event was brought by one of the winners who could dance effortlessly, Wu Meng-shan. She was invited to be the opening act, winning the first prize in the 19-30 year old category last year. This year, she danced alone with poetic murmurs about her feelings of missing the south in the north, which touched many creators who had left their hometown. For example, Chen Che (pen name: Che), who won the first prize in the category of graphic literature for her work "The Last Ride", mentioned that she has been moving from city to city, but her memories of Kaohsiung are the strongest, and she wants to express her memories and the feelings for her living space through her work, hoping that her work can resolve the depression in the hearts of more people.


The winners of the 12-15 year old category are taken pictures with the judges, high school principals and VIPs. First row, from left: Juang Shang-hua, manager of Takao Books; Lin Yi-cheng, acting director of Kaohsiung Public Library; Tsai Wen-Chan, chief advisor of Agongdian River Literary Award; Chen Pei-ru , Kaohsiung City Government advisor. It is expected that more creators will continue to accompany each other on their literary journey and shine together.

Chien Mei-Ling, Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, gave a speech.

The ceremony was co-produced with the local dance group Blooming-Grass Cooperative, which invited Wu Meng-shan, the first prize winner of prose in the 19-30 year old category last year, to perform a solo dance to present her feelings about literature through her body.

Su Yun-ya, the first prize winner of short stories in the 19-30 year old category, created this year's winning work, "The Official Boar's Journey of Water and Wood" based on her roommate's family story.

The winners of the 16-30 year old category are taken pictures with the judges,  high school principals and VIPs.

The winners of the 19-30 year old category are taken pictures with the judges,  high school principals and VIPs.


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