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Colombian Anti-Drug Hero Juan Manuel Galán Visits Kaohsiung Public Library

Gloria Pachón, who is known as the mother of the Colombian anti-drug movement, was invited to Taiwan to be honored for her achievement. Since her age prevented her from flying long distance, her son Juan Manuel Galán came to Taiwan to receive the honor on her behalf. He heard about Kaohsiung Public Library’s characteristics of the Green Building and the activities of promoting reading habits, so he was accompanied by Chou Chin-hua, the founder of Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation, and Chou Shang-guan, CEO of Chou Ta-Kuan International Exchange Center, to pay a visit. Meanwhile, Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation donated 300 copies of the autobiography "Mother of the Andes", a picture book of the mother of anti-drug movement in Colombia, for a two-way exchange which symbolized “resisting drugs with the power of reading”.


Lin Yi-cheng, Acting Director of Kaohsiung Public Library, said, "We are grateful to the Galan family for embracing a transnational perspective to make more people know that the mother of the anti-drug movement in Colombia used love to conquer fear, and continued her husband's anti-drug mission to save the world, and advocated using education to turn life around and defeat corruption and profanity. These books will be the best transnational life education material for the citizens of Kaohsiung.


Gloria Pachón was born in Colombia on June 22, 1935, into a family of journalists, and became a reporter for El Tiempo, the largest media group in Colombia, in 1954. She married Luis Carlos Galán, eight years her junior, on Dec. 22, 1971. On Aug. 18, 1989, her husband who was the Colombian president-to-be was murdered by a drug lord in collusion with the military and police. As a lifelong journalist, UNESCO volunteer, and ambassador, she rallies the world's anti-drug and anti-corruption activists to turn lives around through education. Her eldest son, Juan, is a former Senator in Colombia and now the chair of the Liberal Party. He was awarded the 8th Fervent Global Love of Lives Awards in 2005 for his work against drugs, and has been recognized as one of the brightest political stars of Latin America in Europe and America.


(left to right) Chou Shang-guan, CEO of Chou Ta-Kuan International Exchange Center;Chou Chin-hua, the founder of Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation;Lin Yi-cheng, Acting Director of Kaohsiung Public Library;Juan Manuel Galán, Colombian Anti-Drug Hero

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