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Sustainable Reading, Social Welfare, and ESG of Kaohsiung Public Library

Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) is committed to promoting the concept of equal rights in reading with diversified reading activities for the needs of all age groups and ethnic groups. After government reengineering, KPL has been transformed into Non-Departmental Public Body and actively incorporated private sector resources, including business community, foundations, and clubs to promote sustainable reading and social welfare. Hundreds of enterprises have actively participated in the promotion of urban reading.


In the past two years, the epidemic has changed the public's demand for library, mostly from paper books to e-books. The number of borrowings on the digital reading platform and cloud library has doubled. To respond to the general public's need and provide free lending for vulnerable groups, from this year, rolling adjustments will be made in e-book service and e-book library. KPL has opened up two online platforms: "HyRead Ebook" and "Taiwan cloud library@Kaohsiung" to provide more than 120,000 e-books for the public.


The acting director of KPL, Lin Yi-cheng, said that KPL is the first library to integrate urban reading, social welfare, and corporate responsibility through the library website since 2022. We've been seeking support from Union Bank of Taiwan, Frank C. Chen Foundation, Wah Lee Industrial Corp., Thinking Education Foundaton, CPC Corporation Refinery Department, Long Da Construction, Kuan Jui Refrigerating Equipment Enterprise, and Pacific Apex Investment for the online reading platform project which provides citizens with better digital reading services in the post-epidemic era.


"iReading" is a reading website set up by the Kaohsiung City Government to promote reading education in elementary schools. It recommends reading lists and provides a reading test mechanism to improve students' reading ability and literacy. iReading 's booklist recommends 60 books every year. Since 2013, there have been 650 recommended books. However, due to the high demand for borrowing, the demand often exceeded supply.


38 administrative districts and 60 library branch libraries launched the website iReading and iReading@KPL sponsored by some enterprises to meet the needs of readers. Based on the data analysis during this summer vacation, thousands of volumes are borrowed in one month. To show its support, Tounanfeng Education Foundation adopted the Liugui Library branch with its founding principle: "Promoting local cultural education and cultivating researcher"; Long Da Construction continued to adopt the Taiwan original picture book area and reading rooms of the main library to meet the school children's needs for extracurricular books; HuaYuLien Group adopted the newly-built Zuoying Library Branch for the purpose of "Friendly Neighborhood and Education Sprout." China Steel adopted the Hedi Library Branch for local management and sharing living community.


Compal Electronics, one of the major manufacturers of laptops and mobile phones in Taiwan, has provided local learning and cultural tour experience for school children in Neimen, Mituo, Alian and Tianliao branches with an aim to extend the equal rights of reading in urban and rural areas. Hi Steel Enterprise has supported the library's book purchase and library operations. This is how the public sector and private enterprises join hands to create a vision of urban reading.


This summer's "Borrow Books to Collect Points for Gifts" activity, incorporating with E-DA Theme Park, E-DA Royal Hotel, Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung, Tom's World, SKM Park Outlets, Carrefour, Pasadena, Kaohsiung Cake Shop, Taiwan CPC (Kaohsiung Department), etc, in a form of cross-industry alliance to increase the number of readers entering the library and the number of books borrowed. The gift redemption rate is over 85%.


"Borrow Books to Collect Points for Gifts"


China Steel Security sponsored the website iReading of Hedi Library Branch.


Compal Electronics supported reading activities in rural libraries.


Long Da Construction has exclusively sponsored Taiwan's original picture book area for many years.


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