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Heartwarming Sharing on Mother’s Day: Recipient of the KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards Chuan Chuan's Cave Finally Published

【Kaohsiung】Kaohsiung-based picture book author Jheng Jie-Wun’s newest work, Chuan-Chuan’s Cave, is currently being displayed at the Kaohsiung Public Library. Published by Linking Publisher, Chuan Chuan’s Cave is one of the selected works chosen as a winner of KPL’s second Picture Book Sprouting Awards. The book illustrates the importance of ecological conservation and the depth of a mother’s love. A sharing session on Chuan Chuan’s Cave was also held at the Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) on Mother’s Day (May 12, 2024), allowing parents and children to immerse themselves in the heartwarming story of the book’s characters, a pangolin son and his mother, and further explore the world through reading.

According to KPL’s Acting Director Lin Yi-Cheng (林奕成), this is the fourth picture book from the second Picture Book Sprouting Awards. Picture book author Jheng Jie-Wun lives in Kaohsiung and has long been an ecological activist. Judges of the Picture Book Sprouting Awards praised Chuan-Chuan’s Cave for its comprehensive narrative and its vivid portrayal of the relationship between a mother and her son. Moreover, the picture book also raised issues concerning the conservation of Taiwan’s native natural resources. All in all, it was an incredible picture book.

The fact that Kaohsiung authors can cultivate their creativity through the “Picture Book Sprouting Talent Fostering Program” makes the program even more meaningful. To support local authors, KPL will purchase approximately 100 copies of Chuan Chuan’s Cave for its collection, allowing more readers to access this heartwarming story at any KPL library throughout Kaohsiung.

Jheng Jie-Wun remarked that Chuan-Chuan’s Cave is not only a work that can inspire and increase children’s awareness of ecological conservation but also an attempt to teach children about the difficulties of growing up and the necessity of curiosity in exploring life. In addition to teaching children how to empathize with others through ecological education, Jheng also hopes that children will be able to bask in the love of their parents and elders as they grow up. The accumulation of these emotions would, in turn, grant them courage in the face of risks and difficulties throughout life, granting them a strong and determined heart that will ensure their love for themselves and respect for other living beings. The Plant Health Inspection and Ecological Conservation Division of Kaohsiung City Government’s Agriculture Bureau also uses picture books to encourage children to learn more from their exploration of flora and fauna. The division encourages all citizens to increase their understanding of biological and environmental conservation.

Secretary General Ci Meng-Rou of WildOne Wildlife Conservative Association also showed support through her attendance. Secretary General Ci believes that picture books will further expand children’s perspective on ecological conservation and encourage them to think about which actions could aid in the endeavor.

Professor Sun Ching-Min from the Institute of Wildlife Conservation at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology was invited to review Chuan Chuan’s Cave. Professor Sun provided extensive information during the creation process, noting that the overexploitation of pangolins could be traced to the fact that their scales were historically believed to have medical properties. Child readers can also relate the interactions between the little pangolin and his mother in the picture book to their real-life experiences. Reading about Chuan Chuan’s life allows them to reflect on their relationships with their family members and understand that animals also learn and grow about life issues in the company of their caretakers.

Pangolins were previously labeled as an endangered, protected species in Taiwan. However, thanks to the collective efforts of various parties over the years, Taiwan has become the most successful place for pangolin conservation globally. Nonetheless, pangolins remain mysterious to humankind because they reside in caves that cannot be found easily.

To illustrate her picture book and give readers a glimpse into the mysterious lives of the pangolins, Jheng had to perform extensive research on various data. Through the touching story of Chuan Chuan and his mother, readers can understand that animals are also struggling to strive for a better life in this land, not unlike humans. This demonstrates the vitality of original Taiwanese picture books, through which readers can learn about Taiwan’s ecology and the warmth of familial bonds.

Jheng personally came to the Original Illustration Exhibition Area on the 3rd floor of the KPL’s Main Library to talk about how pangolins forage and live in their caves. The exhibition also showcased the original illustrations of a picture book titled Good Night, Little Bear, which featured the Formosan black bear, one of Taiwan’s protected faunas. The delicate and elegant brushstrokes of the illustrated work displayed in the exhibition perfectly paint the lives of such protected animals. Children, in particular, were extremely excited to learn about the animals’ unique behavior, helping them retain their curiosity and thirst for exploration. During a time filled with love and gratitude, such as Mother’s Day, the children learned to become little ecological conservationists, continuing to know and understand more about the issues close to everyday lives.

The original illustrations from Chuan Chuan’s Cave and Good Night, Little Bear will be displayed on the 3rd floor of the Main Library of Kaohsiung Public Library until June 2, 2024. Citizens are welcome to visit and admire the intricate illustrations and explore the featured picture books. This event will promote the picture book stories of Kaohsiung-based authors throughout Taiwan, encouraging the creation of even more original Taiwanese picture books in the future. For more detailed information, please visit the KPL official website (



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