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Experience New Technology at Kaohsiung Public Library VR Exhibit Tour

    VR (Virtual Reality) technology is becoming popular in recent years, and there are more and more emerging technology and equipment to bring an incredible sensory experience to us. To promote technological knowledge and bring a different reading experience to our visitors, Kaohsiung Public Library is hosting “One Day VR Experience Exhibit” and “VR360 Filming Workshop” at six branch libraries between August and October. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience new technology! 


    To promote reading and knowledge, Kaohsiung Public Library is trying to think outside the box, and organizing various activities and events that offer our visitors something more than just books. The Main Library is currently hosting the “One Day VR Experience Exhibit”, which allows readers to experience the fun and excitement of virtual reality. Although the event takes places on weekdays, there were many visitors and parents and children who came to experience the fun VR movie on the world under the sea. Visitors can get a feel of what it is like to be surrounded by fishes. Many children also enjoyed the movie.   


   In addition to VR movie, Kaohsiung Public Library is also hosting a “VR360 Filming Workshop” to let our participants learn more about VR equipment and create their own VR movies through a group discussion on how to design the scenes and move the camera. Participants include young students who are interested in VR and grandparents who came with their grandchildren to experience new technology. Participants can see first-hand how to turn their ideas into a VR movie that brings fantasy and reality together. Doing so bring participants closer to VR, and each one of them can take a sneak peek at what the future may be with VR in our life.


    After the trial at Main Library, Kaohsiung Public Library plans to bring the VR equipment to several branch libraries so more Kaohsiung residents can have an opportunity to experience VR technology. Between August and October, the VR Tour will also take place at Cultural Center Branch Library, Dadong Arts Museum, Gangshan Cultural Center Branch Library, Li Ke-yong Memorial Library, Yanchao Branch Library, and Qishan Branch Library. Each of the abovementioned libraries will host the VR Tour for two weeks. For details regarding the event, please stay tune to our official homepage. Come and experience the fun and excitement of virtual reality.


Participant wearing a VR headset.


Participant experiencing a VR movie


Participant experiencing a VR movie


Participants discussing how to move the camera at a VR360 filming workshop


Library under a 360-degree lens

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