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【2019 English Storyteller Certification Training】Accepting Applications!

【2019 English Storyteller Certification Training】


*Please read the information below carefully before submitting your application



To promote English reading, to encourage people who are interested in storytelling in English to become a certified English storyteller, to stimulate children’s interest in English through English storytelling, to elevate children’s English ability, to foster a global perspective, to expand knowledge, to promote interpersonal relationship, and to enhance our interaction with the global community.  



Kaohsiung Public Library



* Qualification (applicant must meet all of the conditions below):

* Must be age 18 or above with a English proficiency level such as Intermediate GEPT or equivalent, and who are passionate about English storytelling and English picture book education.
* Possess a certificate demonstrating 18 hours or more of training in storytelling. (Example: Certificate of Completion for Storyteller Training)
* Must be able to attend all training sessions without absence and are willing to serve as English storyteller at Kaohsiung Public Library over a long period

* Number of Applicants Accepted: 20


Completing the Training

The training is divided into professional courses and practicum. After completing two days of professional courses (full attendance required), participants are required to complete at least 15 English storytelling sessions (target audience: children to elementary school students) at Main Library or other KPL branch libraries by April, 2020. Participants are required to submit “internship time sheet” and “internship performance sheet” to Kaohsiung Public Library for further review before receiving a certification of completion.



Kaohsiung Public Library Main Library 8F Huali Auditorium (61 Singuang Rd, Cianzhen District, Kaohsiung)


How to Apply

* Online application is accepted. Please submit a copy of your English Proficiency Certification and “Certification of Completing 18 Hours of Storyteller Training” before the deadline. Both scanned copy and photo are acceptable. Please send your application to to complete the application.

* Application deadline is October 13, 2019 (Sunday)

* Applications will be reviewed and applicants who are selected will be notified for an interview. Those who pass the interview will be eligible to attend the 2 day professional English storyteller training program.

* Selected applicants will be announced on the library website on October 25, 2019.



* Application cannot be submitted on-site.

* In order to respect the rights of lecturers and participants, children will not be allowed into the classroom. No childcare service will be offered on-site. Please make proper arrangement in advance.

* Please consider whether you can attend the whole training prior to submitting your application. Participants who cannot attend after being selected shall contact the organizer immediately so we may contact other applicants on the waiting list.

* For more information, please call:  5360238#8307

* Organizer may amend or modify matters related to this training when deemed necessary.


Apply here: (opening a new window)

Online application QR CODE

Online application QR CODE

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