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[NEWS] KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards to Encourage Picture Book Artists


To encourage more people to work on picture books and promote local graphic language, KPL set up the KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards last year. The submission of works this year ended a few days ago. Various proposals and sample books of different topics have occupied the whole office space. This relatively new award has drawn nearly one hundred people from all walks of life with a prize money worth 0.9 million NTD in total and a guaranteed publication opportunity.

The KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards called for submissions since mid-December last year until Feb. 14th. We received a total of 94 great works. The rule states that applicants must complete their learning hours in "KPL Picture Books Sprouting Class" or have their picture books published with an ISBN identifier.

They had to submit a reduced size of their work in equal proportion as their sample copy. These creators of picture books made good use of their time and materialized their unique ides into substantial picture books that they could not help but send their works when the deadline was approaching. This new project also put considerable pressure on KPL when incoming submissions were far and few between. We tried to figure out if those requirements were too rigid. Much to our relief, we finally received enough packages of all sizes. We carefully unwrapped these "gifts." Sometimes we were delightfully surprised by the name of the senders, and sometimes we were simply overwhelmed by the exquisite touch and the diversity in those original stories in Taiwan.

Our team was privileged to read several new works brought by experienced and award-winning illustrators at first hand. We spotted several new talents who either work as full-time illustrators or children's literature writers or pursue their passion when working in other fields. Either way, their works are on par with those of established illustrators. More importantly, it was a great pleasure to witness the making of future illustrators in 22 members from the first ever picture book making class in Kaohsiung.

Director Cheng-Yi Pan pointed out that the process of making picture books involves a lot of challenges. He hoped that with this award, more and more picture book enthusiasts can set out to make their own works. However, since only three winners will be awarded, we are anxious to know how the judges make the tough decision and who will stand out in the end. KPL has expressed its gratitude for the trust from those applicants. Let's hope they can all shine in the world of picture books and make their names known no matter what the result will be.

With more talents in this field being discovered, young children can read more local picture books and identify with their homeland. In the preliminary and final review stages, ten prominent critics, promoters, scholars and picture book authors will choose the award winners. The list of the winners will be announced on April 6th. For more information, please check our website or Facebook fan page. The winners of the very first KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards will be announced on April 6th.


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