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[NEWS] " Can we really taste the flavor philosophy?" Philosophy Themed Reading Events Continues until April 19th!


It is common sense not to eat and drink in a library. However, KPL has tried to do something different and asked its readers to participate in a series of events involving our exhibition of themed picture books from now to April 19th. These events take place at the International Picture Book Center and you are all welcome to read these picture books and taste the flavor of philosophy!

Philosophy often reeks a sense of alienation which pushes readers away. What we barely realize is that everyone is a born philosopher. KPL is dedicated to making philosophical thinking a part of daily life. Based on the idea of thought experiments, "stories," "arts" and "experiments" serve as the three pillars to help us organize the exhibition of philosophical picture books, the interactive art exhibition and ten other great events. We hope to unravel this discipline by means of lectures, storytelling sessions and workshops to channel readers to philosophy.

The exhibition covers several aspects, including personal reflection, parent-child picture reading and group discussions. A total of 28 classic philosophical pictures books for children are showcased this time. The events include five sessions specifically designed for third-graders to sixth-graders.

In spite of Coronavirus concerns, our lecturers Tsai, Yi-Jen and Pu Shihao led the participants to immerse themselves in creative philosophical thinking with masks on the other day. They tried to use pictures, board games and various topics in daily life to guide children to engage in spontaneous thinking. To encourage more people to promote philosophy, Pei-Yu Chen, founder of Kaifeng Kama Children's Bookstore was invited to give lectures and workshops for adults and teachers to learn how to teach children to think with the guidance of picture books.

Many readers have noticed a giant book installation on the square of the spiral staircases. It is a two-page picture book with the heart and soul of International Picture Books Center of KPL. It poses a question: Can we taste the flavor of philosophy? Its content incorporates several units in "Philosophy, Thinking and Games" series by French philosopher/picture book writer Oscar Brenifier. Common questions are asked, such as: Is everyone an artist? Can you really say anything you want? How do you know your parents love you? These questions guide readers to reflect on individual traits, freedom of expression and forms of love. We also design interactive games of "Little Artists" and "Proof of Love"and allow readers to paint and leave messages on pink notes. The book installation has drawn readers of all ages to engage in creative thinking. For those who haven't seen it, please come and leave your creative thoughts before April 19th. The original schedule covers three storytelling sessions.

The sessions in February were canceled due to Coronavirus concerns. However, the final session will be held on March 14th. KPL will invite Alliance Française de Taïwan Centre de Kaohsiung and Charlotte Pollet, a French scholar of philosophy for children as our distinguished guests in the bilingual storytelling session and the symposium on picture books. You can count on them to bring a whole new world of philosophy to you. KPL says that the discipline of philosophy requires no prerequisite knowledge. We can start to acquaint ourselves with philosophy anytime and anywhere. With the promotion of picture books of philosophy for children, critical thinking and the tolerance of diverse viewpoints can be cultivated. Can we really taste the flavor philosophy? Welcome to join us at the International Picture Books Center by April 19th and think about the question.

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