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[NEWS] Cute Puppy in March's Book of the Month “Finding Gobi” Comforting People in Time of Plague

Cute Puppy in March's Book of the Month “Finding Gobi” Comforting People in Time of Plague

With the outbreak of COVID-19, people are getting more and more anxious. At this critical moment, KPL recommends "Finding Gobi" in the hope of soothing readers' minds. In the book, an ultra-marathon runner and a stray dog accompany each other. Readers can thus appreciate the comfort from companion animals. Director of Bureau of Cultural Affairs Lucile Lin recorded a short film with a puppy for KPL to announce March's Book of the Month, allow readers to directly feel the healing power of animals.

Dion Leonard, the author of Finding Gob, is a British ultra-marathon runner. Leonard has completed some of the world's toughest ultra running races. Finding Gobi is the tale of Leonard who crossed paths with a stray dog while competing in a 155-mile race through the Gobi Desert in China. The dog accompanied him all the way, so he decided to take her back home. International adoption involved complicated procedures and a long period of quarantine. Gobi even went missing for a while so that Leonard flew to Xinjiang to search for her. After a massive search effort, Gobi has been reunited with Leonard and begun a new chapter of life for both of them.

In the face of accidents and disasters, KPL hopes people can restore their strength and confidence through reading. Director Lucile Lin said Finding Gobi reminds our citizens of the battle against the virus. In the course of epidemic prevention and control, besides our beloved family and friends, animal companions also give peace of mind to restless souls, so KPL invited Director Lin to make a short film with a puppy to announce March's Book of the Month. By means of images, hopefully readers can feel the warmth brought by Gobi described in the book

KPL said, in order to live up to Mayor Han Kuo-yu's aspiration to promote in-depth reading, great books in different fields will be recommended in different formats every month. This year KPL also solicits essays and give out awards. The participants will be divided into groups of students and non-students. Forty-two people will be awarded to encourage citizens to read more books. We welcome all the readers who study or work in Kaohsiung City to submit their works.




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