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[EVENT] Every Big and Little Things from Picture Books Events -Let us care about our world at a young age!

Every Big and Little Things from Picture Books

Let us care about our world at a young age!



Every Big and Little Things from Picture BooksEvents

April 21, 2020 (Tue) – August 30, 2020 (Sun) KPL Main Library


  To promote children’s interest in our society and to celebrate World Book Day (April 23), the International Picture Book Center will host a series of reading activities named "Every Big and Little Thing in the Picture Books", which focus on "social issues." Through events such as book exhibits, reading corners, parents-children workshops, parents-children lectures, and storytelling sessions, our goal is to foster our children's interest in the world from a young age and to teach them the importance of caring for our world and how to start from our surrounding environment.


  • Book Exhibit

Picture books serve as the bridge that connects our children to the world. The books chosen for this exhibit will expose our children to eight social issues such as children's safety, ecology and environment, world peace, mental health, civil rights, special education, gender equality, and children's reading. Let us think, communicate, and use picture books to discuss important matters with our children and let them pick up the messages sent by these picture books.


  • Exhibit  Sponsor:Openbook

The exhibit will enable readers to observe and think about the impact brought by various social phenomena from the perspective of “children’s reading”.

The exhibit will feature the work of five well-known illustrators: Kyung Hyewon (South Korea), Roberto Innocenti (Italy), John Burningham (UK), Ib Spang Olsen (Denmark), and Květa Pacovská (Czech Republic).


  • Parents-Children Lecture  

How can we discuss important matters with our children through picture books?
How can we teach children how to look after their own safety? How can we develop our children’s crisis awareness?

This lecture will talk about picture books that deal with the issue of children's safety. Parents will also have the opportunity to read to their children and help them understand the boundary between their body and mentality as well as how to differentiate danger and safety in order to develop ways to protect children themselves.


► Free admission / No reservation required
► Admission will begin 10 minutes before the event. Space is limited, please observe event regulations.


  • Parents-Children Workshop

Ecological picture books and real animals will make an appearance!

In this workshop, parents and children can learn and understand the secret of nature and ecology through observation, discovery, and personal experience. They can also acquire knowledge about living organisms and ecological conservation and develop a friendly attitude towards our environment.


 ► Two sessions are available – hedgehog and frog. Participants will use natural materials to craft their one and only animals!
 ► Paid Event / Online registration 
 ► Maximum 20 groups / session; 500NT / session for each group (2 adults + 1 child)
 ► Please check-in 20 minutes before the event. Registration will begin at 12pm on May 25 (Monday).


  • Storytelling

Storyteller Annie, Yura, and Hong Yu-rui will host bilingual storytelling sessions featuring body movements, finger rhymes, language learning, and group games in Japanese, English, and Hokkien. Participants can learn more about issues such as civil rights, gender equality, and special education from picture books.  

 ► Free admission / Seat reservation not required.
 ► Admission will begin 10 minutes before the event. Space is limited, please observe event regulations.


♦ KPL reserves the rights to make changes to the abovementioned events.
♦ For further information, please go on KPL facebook page. (Click on the link)




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