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[NEWS] Stories Knock Knock! Storytelling Online with Local Art and Culture Groups!



Stories Knock Knock! Storytelling Online with Local Art and Culture Groups!


To cope with the pandemic, parents are avoiding taking their children to public places. They spend more time with their family with some degree of anxiety. KPL has realized the need for parents and children to read books together. Therefore, the event of "Stories Knock Knock!" was designed to hold weekly storytelling sessions online. In May, five stories will be read and performed online on Saturday to allow readers to enjoy quality time with their loved ones without stepping out of their front door.


We invited local art and culture groups to team up with us. Bean Theater will perform stories from classic picture books published by Aichi Books to make artistic exchange possible in the era of the pandemic. We welcome readers to join us on our Facebook page at 3 p.m. on Saturday. Our video clips will include not only storytelling but also interactive activities led by professional performers/instructors. As the title suggests, "Stories Knock Knock!" will make good stories pay a visit to your household. Moreover, we will have lucky draws to give away prizes once readers finish watching the video clips and complete all the required tasks.


The first session, "Vegetables' Masquerade," was held on May second with enthusiastic response. Comments like "We are so blessed to join the event thoughtfully put together by KPL" kept pouring in with nearly two thousand visits in less than two days. The publisher, the theater and KPL were truly thrilled that we decided to give away special prizes for our mother readers in this special month.


KPL has dedicated to hosting workshops, seminars and storytelling sessions popular among our readers. It is our hope that we can draw children closer to their parents with more stories enriching their childhood. To meet various reading needs, KPL has organized a range of events for the Mother's Day. These events, including "Stories Knock Knock!", require cyberspace or more open indoor space. Readers can feel at ease participating in these tailor-made events for them. We hope even in the face of the pandemic, reading still remains part of our readers' daily routine. With our efforts, we are sure they can feel the immense power of reading no matter where they are.


Bean Theater: Master Doughnut narrates "Vegetables' Masquerade."


"Adventure in the Hole" leads parent and their children to set foot on an adventure.

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