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[NEWS] Successful Matchmaking Meeting for Recipients of the First KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards! Over 20 Heavyweight Taiwanese Publishers Gathered at KPL.

Successful Matchmaking Meeting for Recipients of the First KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards! Over 20 Heavyweight Taiwanese Publishers Gathered at KPL.



        Three winners were chosen to receive the First KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards organized by KPL. To cultivate future picture book artists, in addition to the 200,000NT prize money, the winning entries are guaranteed to be published along with a subsidy of 100,000NT for the publishers. Following the announcement of winners, KPL organized a matchmaking meeting and attracted over 20 renowned publishers, which praised KPL for the efforts in grooming picture book potential talents.  

          The list of publishers attending the matchmaking meeting includes many well-known picture book publishers in Taiwan, such as Parenting, Taiwan Interminds, Yuan-Liou, Aichi, Ba-ba, Eastern Publishing. Many CEOs, directors, chief editors, editors, and veteran picture book artists were attracted by this project launched by KPL. 

         The matchmaking conditions were carefully formulated by KPL before being presented to the publishers. Publishers need to submit a publication proposal and the award recipients can choose the publisher they want to cooperate. KPL guarantees publication for all three winnings entries while providing a 100,000NT subsidy to the publisher for book purchases and other promotional activities.

          According to Director Tan Shu-juan of the Little Big Picture Book Library in Taichung, the KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards is a rare picture book competition in Taiwan. Through the assistance provided by veteran editors from major publishers, the winning artists can have their works successfully published without hassles. Doing so allow artists to maintain their creativity and ideas, while their works can receive high visibility thanks to the support from the publishers. Having such a passionate and professional library in Kaohsiung is indeed enviable. Ba-ba Publishing, which has provided consultations to the participating artists since the early stage, is also surprised by the level of the winning entries. They expect the award recipients to blossom and look forward to seeing more Taiwanese original picture books on the global stage in the near future.

          KPL Director Pan Cheng-yi attended the entire matchmaking meeting from the beginning. According to Director Pan, when KPL first came out with the idea of Sprouting Awards, the picture book industry undertook a “wait-and-see” approach. KPL went through a lengthy process to set up the project and gathered various suggestions and recommendations by professionals in different sectors. At the same time, KPL also carefully analyzed the book borrowing rate of the 160,000 picture books at the International Picture Book Center before committing to this long-term project to cultivate local picture book talents.

          In addition to the three winning entries, publishers such as Taiwan Interminds, Yuan-Liou, and Eastern Publishing mentioned that several other entries were excellently crafted and there may be a possibility to cooperate with these artists as well in the future. Assistant Director Huang Ya-ni of Parenting Publishing also applauded the efforts made by KPL to promote picture book reading by looking after both the artists and the publishers. Chen Yu-lan, Editor-in-Chief of Tien-wei Publishing also praised the Sprouting Awards for its completeness. The first competition already featured diverse entries and became a major prize for picture books in Taiwan. Many other picture book experts also approved the biennial system, which can allow the artists to accumulate enough creative powers to deliver better entries in the future. 

          Tao Le-di & Huang Yu-chin and Liao Jian-hong & Lin Xiu-sui are renowned couples in the picture book industry with experience in both picture book creation and teaching. According to the two couples, the KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards Project provides a breakthrough and serves as an important milestone in the history of picture books in Taiwan. They hope the project can cultivate more artistic talents, and that we can see more picture books from Taiwan in the future. May this be the start of a beautiful relationship between picture book talents and publishers.



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