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[NEWS] KPL's Diverse Online Resources Make You Knowledgeable Even When Staying at Home During the Epidemic
 KPL's Diverse Online Resources
KPL's Diverse Online Resources

KPL will be closed until June 28th in accordance with the National Epidemic Prevention level 3 alert. In the meantime, KPL has launched a variety of online resources, including “Lecture at Home Online So E See”, “Online Parent-Child Time Series”, and “Taiwan Cloud Library @ Kaohsiung” to provide readers with 10,000 good books to borrow at any time. KPL hopes to continue to satisfy the public's desire for knowledge through online resource services. 


KPL's “Lecture at Home Online So E See”is a collection of classic lecture videos from City Lecture Room, Da-dong Lecture Room and Gang-shan Lecture Room. It also recommends e-books related to the lecture topics and organizes raffles on Facebook on a regular basis. Raffle prizes will be delivered to winning readers by mail. In doing so, “Lecture at Home Online So E See” interacts with readers in a fun way.


KPL has committed to parent-child reading for so long that it also launches the “Online Parent-Child Time Series” on Facebook. From June 2021 on, various programs are launched to accompany parents and children to spend a good time together. These programs include “Picture Books Love Animation” every Friday at 3 p.m., “Stories Knock on the Door” every Saturday at 3 p.m., and “Online Storytelling” every Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. During the level 3 alert when school closes, school children spend lots of time learning online using computers. In order to give their eyes a break from the screens, “Online Storytelling” allows adults and children to experience the charm of stories by “listening.”


Meanwhile, KPL reminds the general public that there are more than 40,000 volumes of e-books on “Taiwan Cloud Library @ Kaohsiung” available for borrowing and browsing. People can conveniently access the internet through their computer and mobile devices at home to look for books.


When KPL closes during the national epidemic prevention period, librarians not only collect various digital resources and present them to the public in a fun and interesting way, but also continue engaging in international exchanges. In May, KPL librarians participated in two international online video events. “IFLA—Metropolitan Libraires Conference” is one of the two events that invited librarians and scholars from around the world to discuss how public libraries, in the face of multiculturism, can provide diversified training in a sustainable manner and how public libraries develop patrons’ needs with available data. In addition, Dr. Klaus Ulrich Werner, Head of the Philological Library, Free University of Berlin was invited to share the use of compound building space in recent years in the online lecture, “Vom Lernort zum Coworking Space” (From Learning Place to Coworking Space) co-organized by the National Library and the Goethe-Institut. Moreover, a series of online trainings such as “Video Software System Operation,” “Introduction to the Essential Elements of News,” and “Sharing of Experiences at the Counter” are planned for internal staff in the hope of strengthening the librarians’ capability during the epidemic and improving future service quality.


In addition to the ongoing epidemic prevention work, the librarians also took advantage of the closing period to take stock of the books and repair damaged books. This is done so that librarians will have a more accurate grasp of the library collections, less misplacements of books, and less difficulty in locating books. Not only so, lighting, tables, chairs, air conditioning and other hardware and equipment are maintained and repaired during this time in hopes of providing the readers with a comfortable and safe reading environment when the library reopens. For more information about our services and e-book resources, please visit the website of KPL.


Taiwan Cloud Library @ Kaohsiung” has nearly 40,000 volumes of books for readers to borrow.


KPL took the opportunity in the closing period to repair the paper books.


Schedule of “Online Parent-Child Time Series”.


From June on, KPL invites a theater company to tell stories for children on “Stories Knock on the Door” online.


Dr. Klaus Ulrich Werner, Head of the Philological Library, the Free University of Berlin had an online exchange over library spaces with KPL.

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