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[NEWS] "2021 Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award" Call for Entries by Sep. 30
2021 Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award
2021 Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award
The "2021 Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award," organized by the Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) and sponsored by the Kaohsiung Literary Museum, is open for entries from now until September 30 (Thursday). The total prize of the award is $350,000 NTD and the award is open to literary works in four categories, including new poems, proses, short stories, and graphic literature. Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award is entering its 16th edition with the annual theme of "Heterogeneous Boundaries: the Imaginative Space of Creative Writing ". It is hoped that, with the power of writing, the youth will be able to fight against the epidemic and revive the impacted daily life.
Two series of events, "Key to Creation Seminar" and "Creative Community Workshop," will be launched during the call for entries. “Key to Creation Seminar” will invite well-known young writers to share their creative experience and discuss on focal topics; " Creative Community Workshop " will collaborate with the "Imaginary Friends Literature Club", where literary creators will take turns to lead the club and take the participants to experience different literary genres from entry to advanced levels. In addition to the above-mentioned events, in early November, the finalists’ will be announced and a public panel discussion of each category will be opened. The jury will propose key creative issues and provide valuable first-hand exchange opportunities based on the works selected of the year. Depending on the situation, the event will be converted to an online format in response to the epidemic. For more information, please visit the official website of the Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award.

"Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award" has its unique thematic awareness, which is not a genre restriction, but a response to the article "What Literature is Needed in a Port City" authored by Shih-Tao Yeh. It is expected that creators could begin their creation from personal creative care to urban cultural aspirations. A series of discussion has begun from “2019 Literature. Non-fiction” that focused on the authenticity in creation to “2020 The Daily Events” that expanded and supported the daily tension. This year’s discussion centers on “Heterogeneous Boundaries: the Imaginative Space of Creative Writing” which explores the relationship between individual survival vs. nature and urban boundaries in the spread of the epidemic. 


In 2020, the first prize winner in the category of Short Fiction went to Ximonkensei’s the Advertising Man. Ximonkensei used science fiction to represent human beings’ gradual self-marginalization in a world with increasingly rapid flow of information. In the Advertising Man, interpersonal relationship in the rapid technological development was depicted and subtleties of human emotions in face of life were revealed in details to reconstruct the possibilities of future technology. Graphic literature, a well-received literary genre in the past two years, also reveals the phenomenon of today’s creative works, that is, there will be more possibilities regarding boundaries between quality and texture in the future literary creation.


We invite the youth to observe the unban texture in their lives and create their own Science Fiction exclusively for Kaohsiung. When we are trapped by the epidemic, the organizer encourages the youth to make use of the blank time and space at home to brew their own creative works so that the gaps in life caused by the epidemic will be slowly refilled with things that are usually left unnoticed and that tomorrow’s urban landscape will be constructed through the eyes of the youth.


Call for entries opens until September 30th (Thursday). The applications must be submitted online. All interested young people are welcome to visit the official website of Kaohsiung Youth Literature Award and the official website of the Kaohsiung Literary Museum.


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