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[NEWS] Reading Makes You Stronger!

In December 2020, Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) invited Ms. Tai Tzu-Ying, “Queen of the world of ball” to endorse KPL’s campaign entitled, “Borrow Books and Tai Tzu-Ying will Read with You.” People who borrow 10 books will automatically enter a lucky draw. The winner will get prizes such as “JOHNSON@MIRROR” and co-branded products endorse by Ms. Tai.


A while ago, Ms. Tai posted a story of over 700 words on her personal IG account telling people the origin of her new tattoo on her wrist. She wrote, since she has long been travelling overseas for international competitions, her father wrote down “Believe in Yourself” to encourage her and accompany her through her dark days filled with depression and tears. Her father has never been a fan of tattoos, yet he agreed at the end after Ms. Tai’s long communication with him. The tattoo combines her father’s Chinese zodiac sign, the snake, and his handwriting, which symbolizes him always being there to encourage Ms. Tai. 


When KPL announced the winner of the campaign on Facebook on Dec 29, it also encouraged readers to “Believe in Themselves” just like Ms. Tai does. Although Ms. Tai was participating in the World Badminton World Championship in Bangkok Thailand at that time, she still left a message to cheer for KPL on KPL’s fan page, saying, “That’s right! Believe in yourself at any time! Every time when I raise my arm to serve the ball in a competition, I see my father’s “Believe in Yourself” on my wrist. That’s my motivation to go forward! Let’s read to warm our hearts, to encourage ourselves and keep going forward into 2021!”   



Lin Yi-Cheng, acting director of KPL said, “KPL invited Ms. Tai Tzu-Ying, “Queen of the world of ball,” to endorse KPL’s reading campaign. This has sparked heated discussions online among netizens and accumulated a circulation of nearly 470,000 volumes of books. Ms. Tai is a knowledgeable athlete with deep philosophical view. By means of reading, she has strengthened her mind, broadened her knowledge and overcome all the challenges amidst pressure with a positive attitude.”


For more information, please visit the KPL’s website.


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