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Rules and Regulations

Information for Readers
A. Applying for a Library Card
1.Document(s) needed for the application for an Individual Library Card:

  • R.O.C. (Taiwan) citizens: R.O.C. (Taiwan) national identification card
  • Persons from mainland China: R.O.C. (Taiwan) resident certificate
  • Persons of other nationalities: resident certificate of R.O.C. (Taiwan) or certificate issued by embassy

2.Family library card: any household registered in Kaohsiung City (the applicant should be a member of the household).
Class library card: applications for all public and private kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools in Kaohsiung City should be made by teachers.
3.Group library card: any private or public institution in Kaohsiung City; any institution (not located in Kaohsiung) that donates to the Kaohsiung Public Library.
B. Lending Service

  • Individual library card: holders may check out up to 10 books, or 2 periodical back issues for 28 days; 2 audio-visual materials may be borrowed for 14 days.
  • Family library card: holders may check out up to 20 books, or 5 periodical back issues for 28 days; 2 audio-visual materials may be borrowed for 14 days.
  • Class library card holders may check out up to 60 books for 2 months. The card may only be used in January, February, June, July and August, and only for class study group purposes.
  • Group library card holders may check out at most 250 books for 2 months.
  • Any card holder who wants to borrow books from the Main Public Library, Dadong Arts Library or Kaohsiung City Museum of Kaohsiung Literature Branch should refer to related regulations.

C. Renewal Service
If no one has reserved the item 3 days prior to the due date, the borrower may renew his/her borrowed materials (except for holders of class and group library cards).
D. Reservation
Citizens may reserve all books for circulation in advance. The library will notify holders once the book is returned.
E. On-line book lending
We have created Taiwan’s first dedicated logistical public library bookmobile squad which has internet service vehicles in cooperation with all libraries within Kaohsiung, thus providing access to collections containing 3 million 500 thousand items, in addition to providing the fastest and most convenient online book borrowing service in Taiwan. All readers with individual or family library cards from this library or the Fongshan Museum of Women and Children may have access to this service, provided they have no overdue books and no record of violating library rules. The above mentioned units only allow for the borrowing of books, except for periodicals, audio-visual materials, or materials for the visually impaired. New books may be borrowed via the internet three days after being accepted by the library. Readers may apply for online borrowing privileges in person, by phone, or by e-mail. F. Please refer to the following internet address for online borrowing instructions:
Telephone inquiries: +886-7-536-0238 ext.3214 Circulation Division

Information Services
A. This library has created Chinese and English webpages, as well as one for children. The English and children pages include various information, including for events and databases.
B. This library has joined the Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) so that readers may receive copies or borrow books from other libraries. Readers may travel to the nearest library or branch, including the Baojhu Branch, the Kaohsiung Cultural Center Branch, the Gangshan Cultural Center Branch, and the Dadong Arts Library to pick up requested materials.
C. Mini-library branches are located at the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Central Park Station (R9), Zuoying (THSR) Station (R16), and Gangshan South Station (R24).
D. The library has created an overseas study information website, in addition to a study abroad information area at its Baojhu Branch to provide study abroad information services.
E. This library’s digital resources include online databases, and various free online resources are collected and collated for public retrieval and use.
F. The Main Library and various branches all possess library information retrieval areas, and wireless areas, which provide the public with information retrieval services.
G. Service telephone inquiries: +886-7-536-0238 ext.8803 Digital Resources Division.

Acquisitions and Cataloging
A. In order to recommend books for purchase by the library, you may visit the book recommendation system (library main pagereader servicebook recommendations).
B. The information counters of this library and all of its branches accept book donations. In addition, we offer a pickup service for large book donations of over 100 volumes.
C. Telephone inquiries: +886-7-537-1219 Acquisition and Cataloging Division

Marketing and Promotions

  • We host a series of reading culture promotions, professional library research studies, and educational activities concerning library use.
  • “Storyteller certification training” and “nationwide storyteller conference.”
  • We improve professionalism of public library storytelling through a series of special lectures on telling stories, dramatic story theater demonstrations, and the sharing of reading group promotion experiences. We also integrate a database platform with information on storytellers in branding Kaohsiung City as a place for reading and the spiritual hometown of storytellers in Taiwan, as well as a driving force in reading promotion.
  • We promote the “mobile library and storyteller train” program which provides bountiful children’s reading resources for which kindergartens, public and private elementary schools, and communities may apply, thus creating a “library without walls.”
  • Each branch hosts storytelling activities, children’s book clubs, adult book clubs, morning reading campaigns, library tours, nationwide book exchanges, and a series of reading promotion activities.
  • We provide counseling for the establishment of book clubs in all sectors, for which we have published our library quarterly.
  • “City Auditorium: Opening Up New Perspectives” lectures.
  • Main Library’s Jhongsing Auditorium, the Dadong Arts Library, and the Gangshan Cultural Center Branch invite celebrities in the art and fashion circles, as well as other inspiring celebrities, to provide fantastic and multifaceted city reading activities on Saturdays at 2:30 in the afternoon. These activities promote public lifetime learning and spiritual growth, enrich people’s lives, and promote reading habits among the public.
  • The Main Library’s Jhongsing Auditorium, and exhibition rooms, as well as the Sanmin Branch’s experimental theater, branch auditoriums and study rooms may be borrowed for various artistic activities by people from all sectors.
  • Telephone inquiries: +886-7-536-0238#8301-#8307 Library Extension Division.

Multicultural Services
As a result of the globalization wave and the trend of multiculturalism, this library established the “Multicultural Center,” and purchased newspapers, magazines, books, and audio-visual materials in various languages to provide a place dedicated to reading, leisure, and learning for various groups. The Center embodies the values of multiculturalism. On a non-regular basis, this library hosts cultural exchanges, in addition to international affairs cooperation activities, and provides various groups with timely and multifaceted activity information.

Digital Services
A. Information services
Kaohsiung’s Cloud Stacks: Provide Kaohsiung’s citizens with pioneering Chinese language digital content. The timely service mechanism allows readers to borrow and read books whenever they want, and does away with the limits imposed by only having a set number of copies for each type of electronic book. This is a friendly and convenient platform with the reading service provided nationwide. Every Kaohsiung library reader starts with 60 points, and one point is subtracted every time a book is borrowed. Within the 14-day lending period, readers may read the book anywhere in Taiwan.
B. Audio-visual services
1. Audio-visual materials: include CD-ROMs, VCDs, DVDs and other materials.
2. Audio-visual facilities: The Main Library’s fourth floor has 15 areas for sitting and enjoying audio-visual materials.
3. Borrowing audio-visual materials:

  • In the library: each person can only borrow one item at a time, and must return the item within 3 hours. If no other person has reserved the item, the item may be taken to the information counter and checked out a second time.
  • Circulation: 2 items may be checked out of the library, and may be borrowed for a period of 14 days. Items may not be renewed.

4. Those borrowing materials must comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Culture Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development’s “Film Rating System.”
C. Services for the Visually Impaired
1. Materials for the visually impaired: include materials with both Braille and text, materials with Braille only, audiobooks, and other materials.
2. Facilities for the visually impaired: computers for the visually impaired and desktop video magnifiers for readers with amblyopia.
3. Reading materials: within the library, each person may borrow one item at a time and must return it within 3 hours. If no one has reserved the item in advance at the end of this period, readers may renew materials.
Main Library address: 4F, #61, Singuang Road, Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City 80661 Multimedia Counter telephone:+886-7-5360238 ext. 8603-8605

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