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How to obtain an account and password for accessing the “Cloud Library”? How to apply for a library card? Can users without a Kaohsiung address apply for a library card? Are there any limitations?
An account number (library card or ID number) and password (6 or 7-digit birth date in ROC Year format) are required for access. Please apply a library card at any Kaohsiung City library in advance.
To apply for a library card, please bring your ROC ID/ARC, driver’s license, or a household registration certificate to any Kaohsiung City Library and our library staff will assist you.
Users without a registered Kaohsiung address can still apply for a library card to access the cloud library. But only residents who live in the Kaohsiung area can access to the cloud library system since the library will verify your geographical location prior to granting access.
The system will no longer verify your geographical location after the borrowing process is complete. Therefore, you can access the books you borrowed anytime no matter where you are. Keep in mind that each e-book can be borrowed up to 14 days. The system will verify your location again if you want to extend your borrowing period.
Each e-book has unlimited quantity so say goodbye to long wait time and advance reservation.
Updated2017-12-27 PM 08:49:04