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B1 Theater
B1 Theater
B1 Theater

 The primary function of the professional theater located on the basement first floor is to promote the international picture book center’s resources (also at B1) and display its contents.  A children’s theater, theatrical performances of various countries and mothers telling stories all have a place here for expression, as well as to impart knowledge and culture.

 The theater possesses a total space of 291 ping (approximately 962 square meters), and a modular viewing grandstand which can be made larger or smaller in accordance with the events, as well as raised or lowered to an appropriate height.  It also has chairs which can be electrically positioned, thus allowing seat arrangement variation.  The theater can accommodate up to 400 seats.

 The theater will increase readers’of the text and the significance of literature through activities including inviting famous theater groups, local groups and famous people, as well as holding performances, and storytelling events featuring stories with moving plots, beautiful dancing, interesting songs and costumes, and magnificent stage settings and lighting.

 This small stage is a space young and old alike will love.  The theater has an irresistible charm.

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