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    The old main library of Kaohsiung City was originally named Kaohsiung Public Education Center. It was located at the foot of Mt. Shoushan. During the Second World War, the building was bombed and most of the collections were burned to ashes. The Education Center reopened in 1945 when it was relocated to a rented building on Gushan 1st Road with a meager collection of roughly 400 Japanese books. When the Education Center was relocated again to Jhongjheng 4th Road in 1949, it was renamed as Kaohsiung City Sun Yat-sen Library. In April 1954, the name was officially changed to Kaohsiung Public Library when the new library building located at No. 39 Minsheng 2nd Road was completed and open to the public.

    Kaohsiung City became a Yuan-controlled municipality in July 1978. The library’s collections grew along with the City’s rapid development, its growing population and increasing number of patrons visiting the public library. The old library building was unable to accommodate the increasing number of collections. The newly built community center at No. 80 Minsheng 2nd Road was therefore chosen as the new site for the library and the library moved to the new location in August 1981.

    Kaohsiung City and County were merged on December 25, 2010; the greater Kaohsiung area now has a total of 62 branch libraries, including: the main library, Kaohsiung Cultural Center Branch, Kaohsiung City Museum of Kaohsiung Literature Branch, Gushan Branch, Cijin Branch, Youchang Branch, Zuoying Branch, Sanmin Branch, Sinsing Branch (including Sinsing Reading Room), Yancheng Branch, Cianjhen Branch, Nangushan Branch, Cueiping Branch, Lingya Branch, Yangming Branch, Nanzihkeng Branch, Zuosin Branch, Baojhu Branch, Siaogang Branch, Dadong Arts Library, Gangshan Cultural Center Branch, Gangshan Branch, Yanchao Branch, Ciaotou Branch, Zihguan Branch, Zihguanchihdong Branch, Mituo Branch, Mituo Park Branch, Yong-An Branch, Cieding Branch, Lujhu Branch, Hunei Branch, Alian Branch, Tianliao Branch, Jhonglun, Fongshan 2nd Branch, Fongshan Caogong Branch, Dashu Branch, Dashu 2nd Branch, Dashu 3rd Branch, Chengguan Branch, Dashe Branch, Niaosong Branch, Daliao Branch, Linyuan Branch, Linyuan 2nd Branch, Cishan Branch, Meinong Branch, Jiasian Branch, Neimen Branch, Neimen Neipu Branch, Neimen Mujha Branch, Neimen Gouping Branch, Shanlin Branch, Maolin Branch, Liouguei Branch, Namasia Branch, Taoyuan Branch, Renwu Branch, Jhongjhuang Branch, Heti Branch, and Caoya Branch.

    The main library is the hub for all branch libraries in Kaohsiung. After 30 years, the main library at Minsheng Road was old; it gradually became obsolete. To provide citizens of Kaohsiung City with a comfortable space for reading and a new main library with rich collections, a project was initiated in 2011 to build a new main library which would be located in the Asia New Bay Area. The construction commencement ceremony on October 12, 2012 was presided over by City Mayor Chen Chu, and was attended by over 100 representatives from both the public and the private sectors. The new library building was completed and opened to the public in November 2014. It is a public library that belongs to the citizens of Kaohsiung City, a source of pride and a new cultural landmark for the City.

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