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[NEWS] Sharing the Beauty of Reading with KPL’s Mobile Libraries on World Book Day

The Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) launched a mobile library initiative celebrating World Book Day. The mobile library initiative, made only possible through the contributions of citizens, is based on the values of cultural equality and showcases KPL's care towards providing various reading resources for readers of different age groups and ethnicity.

April 23 is World Book Day. On this day, five mobile libraries journey from the northern part of Taiwan to four KPL branches, namely Gangshan, Nanzaikeng, Zuoxin, and the Kaohsiung Literature Library. The mobile libraries then began their operations at the front of each library building, attracting waves of local readers.

The two newest mobile libraries were donated to KPL by Tai-tsung Li (李泰宗) and his wife Po-ju Ker (柯珀汝) and Verizon Construction (銓興營造). The donors also visited the mobile libraries on World Book Day alongside other citizens. These donations contribute to society and support the city's efforts in cultivating citizens' reading habits. Moreover, they are also meant to show the importance of mobile libraries during a worsening pandemic.

Tai-tsung Li (李泰宗) and his wife Po-ju Ker (柯珀汝) donated a mobile library with the children-centralized theme of "Following the Windmill on a Journey." With detailed drawings and colorings that exude warmth, the mobile library provides a cheery space, perfect for a book gathering in the afternoons. The couple has been dedicating themselves to children's physical and spiritual development in rural areas for a long time. Their donation of a windmill-themed mobile library also supports Taiwan's Paper Windmill Theater's plan to travel through and perform in each village and township throughout Taiwan.

Meanwhile, General Manager Ke-lun Hung (洪克倫) of Verizon Construction has shown his care towards library resources for a long time. He reads for at least two hours a day and has a love for historical stories. The principles and means with which he handles both professional and personal affairs come from the values contained within the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The mobile library Ke-lun Hung donated to KPL is designed with the theme “Play Together, Read Together, Be Happy Together” in mind. The design reimagines KPL’s own Center for International Picture Books as a global playground without borders – a place where children of all nations may gather. Here, reading is likened to construction. Like building sandcastles or playing with building blocks, all children may gather more knowledge and build upon their curiosities regardless of ethnicity or skin color.

The mobile libraries were not the only events held on April 23 in the four library branches. April 23 was also the date of Mazu’s birthday, which falls on the twenty-third day in the third month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. As the Gangshan Library is located near the Gangshan Shoutian Temple, a storytelling event on Mazu was held in honor of the day. Meanwhile, the mobile library in Nanzaikeng Library held an event on traditional Taiwanese games. In the Zuoxin Library, citizens could listen to a short scientific speech on the hardships of acquiring electricity.

Two brilliant speeches were held in the Kaohsiung Main Public Library on April 24, the day after World Book Day. Tsung Wei-wang (王聰威), who works as the Chief Editor of Unitas magazine, was invited as one of the speakers and gave a speech on "The New Image of Editing: Transformation of Magazines in the Age of Social Media." As the monthly theme for book recommendations in April is “Cross Reading," Tsung Wei-wang also took some time to introduce these books to the audience.

On the same day, Chairman Tien-li Chang of TAAZE was invited as the keynote speaker in the City Lecture Room. He gave a speech on "Making True Changes in Life and Overcoming Obstacles by Reading and Thinking Correctly." Tien-li Chang has been referred to as the pioneer of e-commerce in Taiwan, and he was also the former chairman of CTS and PTS. Tien-li Cang is currently a host of needs RADIO's program, "Reading Through Life," which has done wonders in increasing his popularity among many book-lovers.

Citizens may expect a series of many other activities in May. One of them, "Read More Books, Have More Fun," will be an online game event.

E-Da Theme Park, Spring Hill Hotel, Tom’s World, and Suzuka Circuit have also supported celebrating World Book Day. Citizens who borrowed five books from the library might participate in an online quiz. The biggest prize offered in the quiz is hotel coupons to the E-Da Theme Park or Spring Hill Hotel. For more information, please follow the news on the official website or Facebook page of the Kaohsiung Public Library.    









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