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Southern Regional Resource Center

Southern Regional Resource Center

Southern Regional Resource Center

I. Origins

A. The Public Library Region Resource Center was created based on the Ministry of Education’s “Helping Reading Take Root and Transforming Space: 2013-2016 Plan for Library Innovative Service Development.”

B. Four region resource centers are being created in the north, central region, south and east of Taiwan, as well as eight branch resource centers between 2013 and 2016 in order to serve these regions.  At present, the Southern Region Resource Center is located in the Kaohsiung Public Library’s Zuosin Branch.  There are also branch resource centers in Tainan’s Public Library and the Penghu County Cultural Affairs Bureau Library.  The Southern Region Resource Center will relocate to the Kaohsiung Main Library as soon as it opens at the end of 2014.

II. Objective
A. Improve quality of public library core collections, provide the public with rich reading materials, and increase citizen reading ability and competitiveness.
B. Hold local reading promotion events, improve public reading consciousness, and cultivate the good habit of taking initiative in reading.

III. Services
The Public Library Southern Region Resource Center, as well as its branches, serves the areas including Chiayi City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, and Penghu County.  It provides library collection assistance, interlibrary loan services, region reading promotion activities, and other services.

IV. Collection resources
Collection resources materials are those with a SRRC(Southern Region Resource Center) bar code or identification code.
Collection themes include the four categories of books for the young, multiculturalism, cultural creativity, and informative books.   Southern Region Resource Center’s collection is characterized by informative themes.  The collection includes Chinese, western language, and eastern language (Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian, and Malaysian) resources.  Resources include general monographs, children’s books, and audio-visual materials.

V. Service and lending
A. Service, library lending, lost and damaged books, lending periods, and other relevant regulations are all subject to the “Kaohsiung Library User Notice.”
B. In order to provide better service to other cities and counties in Southern Taiwan, all patrons with mailing addresses outside of Kaohsiung City may use interlibrary cooperation to borrow and return books via postal service.  Please apply online using the National Document Delivery System (NDDS) (  You may pick up books at library units in various counties and cities participating in interlibrary cooperation.  The Southern Region Resource Center provides free postal delivery and does not require a service charge for any of its books (those with the SRRC barcode). 

VI. Contact

Zuoxin Branch:
Address: #453, Bo-ai 3rd Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City
Telephone: +886-7-3500228; e-mail:

Main Public Library:

Address: No.61, Singuang Rd., Cianjhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 80661

Telephone: +886-7-5360238 #3203; e-mail:

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