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Service for the visually impaired

Service for the visually impaired

I. All visually impaired individuals may apply for a library card.  They must first fill out a library card registration form, and present or send a copy of their disability card to this branch.  After confirming the correctness of their information, a library card will be issued.  This card will not expire.  If the card is lost, the holder must immediately inform the library to cancel the lost card and apply for a replacement.

II.The visually impaired can have someone else borrow materials for them, as well as borrow library materials via mail.

III. Up to 30 reading material items for the visually impaired (materials with both Braille and text, materials with Braille, audiobooks) may be borrowed at one time with a limit of 2 months.

IV.The visually impaired may borrow and return books by post.  This branch provides dedicated mailing pouches with postal cards inserted on them.  Names and addresses of borrowers have been specified on both sides of the card and the cut corner identifier should be in the upper right hand corner.  When the borrower returns library materials, he or she should turn the card over and place it in the pocket so the cut corner is on the upper left hand side before posting.

V.The borrower must immediately return library materials upon notification should the library require.

VI.The borrower is responsible for reimbursing the library for damaged or lost library materials.

VII.Unresolved matters are handled according to “Kaohsiung Library User Notice.”

VIII.These items are implemented after being passed by this library’s Library Affairs Council, as with any amendments thereto.

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