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Interlibrary cooperation

I. Objective:
In order to promote the sharing of library materials, and improve the level of educational research and service, the Kaohsiung Public Library (hereafter referred to as this library) has especially enacted its “Kaohsiung Public Library Interlibrary Cooperation and Loan Guidelines.”   

II. Service provided for:
1. Library staff and patrons
2. Unit libraries which are part of the interlibrary cooperation organization (hereafter referred to as cooperating libraries)

III. Service includes photocopies and monograph lending.

IV. Both library staff and patrons should use the National Document Delivery System (NDDS) to apply online for an interlibrary cooperation account.  The account is effective for one year from the date of application and must be renewed after this period expires. 

V. Procedure for applying for interlibrary cooperation service:
A. You may apply for interlibrary loan service after your interlibrary cooperation account has been approved. 
B. After determining this library does not have the sought materials, the applicant may use the NDDS to search the catalogs of cooperating libraries.  He or she may then apply for an interlibrary loan online.  The application cannot be altered or canceled once it has been sent. 
C. This library will contact the applicant by Email or telephone when the requested material is delivered or to be rejected.  

VI. Payment and picking up requested materials: 
Fees will be based on the fee standards of various units participating in interlibrary cooperation. 
Picking up interlibrary loan materials:

After being notified, the borrower must go to the Main Library and make payment in order to check out requested materials.  Patrons who need to pick up requested materials at the Kaohsiung Cultural Center Branch (originally the Kaohsiung Cultural Center Library), the Gangshan Cultural Center Branch (originally Kaohsiung County Cultural Center Library), the Dadong Arts Library or Baojhu Branch should contact the Main Library first.  

VII. Interlibrary loans:
A. Loan period: Loan periods and limits regarding the number of materials are determined by the cooperating library when interlibrary cooperation and loans are requested.  
B. Overdue books: Borrowers are required to follow library regulations concerning overdue materials if unable to return materials on time.  
C. Lost or damaged books: Borrowers who lose or damage cooperating library materials must provide reparation in accordance with the cooperating library's regulations.

VIII. Regulations concerning cooperating library requests for this library's materials:
A. Photocopying of materials: A4 and B4: 2 NTD, A3: 3 NTD (postage not included), FAX: 15 NTD
B. There is no service charge for borrowing library materials, except the postage.  Materials can be borrowed for a period of 28 days and cannot be renewed.  Cooperating library borrowing privileges will be suspended for the duration of the period in which library materials are overdue.  Reparations must be made for lost or damaged materials in accordance with our library's regulations.  

IX. Persons requesting materials must pick up and make payment within three days of notification.  After three days, requested materials will no longer be available.

X. All interlibrary loans and requests for copies of materials must follow copyright laws and related regulations.  Borrowed or copied materials are provided solely for academic research and personal learning purposes.  The borrower or person requesting materials is fully responsible for any legal violations.  

XI. This overview is implemented after being passed by this library's Library Affairs Council, as with any amendments thereto. 


Contact information:

TEL: (07)5360238 #3209


Fee Standards:


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