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Article 1 These Articles of Organization are established pursuant to paragraph one, Article 5, of the Kaohsiung Public Library Establishment Self-Governance Articles.
Article 2 The Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) shall be a Non-Departmental Public Bodies under the oversight of the Kaohsiung City Government (KHCG).
Article 3 The scope of business of KPL shall cover:
I. KPL operations and management.
II. Planning, marketing, promotion, cooperation, and exchange of book information and educational and cultural activities.
III. Organization of educational and cultural activities and operations and management of educational and cultural facilities on commission.
IV. Other matters relating to the purpose of establishment.
Article 4 A board of directors (BOD) seated by 11-15 directors, including one chairperson shall be established for KPL administration. A board of supervisors (BOS) seated by 3-5 supervisors selected and hired from supervisory agencies shall be established, and the same shall apply to the dismissal thereof. The term of KPL directors and supervisors shall be three years. A term shall be renewed for one time, except for representatives of related government agencies.
Article 5 The chairperson shall represent KPL externally. When he or she is unable to exercise the chairperson’s functional duties, the director he or she designates shall exercise such functional duties on and for his or her behalf. When no director is designated, other directors shall elect one of them to be the acting chairperson.
Article 6 BOD shall hold a board meeting chaired by the chairperson every six months. Provisional board meetings shall be convened as necessary by the chairperson or petitioned by over one quarter of directors. Where the chairperson is unable to chair a board meeting for any reason, attending directors may elect one of them to chair the meeting. A board meeting shall be attended by more than half of all directors, and a resolution shall be approved by more than half of all attending directors.
Article 7 BOD shall be the examination body of KPL. The chairperson shall administer and coordinate matters relating to KPL administration and provide the KPL director with necessary resources for professional governance and administrative assistance. BOD, the chairperson, directors, and supervisors shall exercise their functional duties pursuant to the Self-Governance Articles and the Articles of Organization. These roles shall also respect the authority assigned to the KPL director under the Articles of Organization, related laws and regulations, and the employment agreement.
Article 8 The authority of BOD includes:
I. Examination of the development goals and plans.
II. Raising KPL funds and allocation of the general subsidy and budget.
III. Approval of the annual operation policy.
IV. Examination of the annual operation plan.
V. Examination of the annual budget, financial statements, and performance targets.
VI. Examinations of rules and regulations.
VII. Examination of the disposal of or creation of a right in rem over its own assets. Examination excluding real estate.
VIII. Examination of matters to be resolved by BOD under the Self-Governance Articles.
IX. Examination of the appointment and dismissal of KPL director and KPL deputy director.
X. Examination of other important matters.
Article 9 The authority of BOS shall cover:
I. Examination of the annual financial statements.
II. Supervision of the operational and financial status.
III. Audit of books, documents, and asset information.
IV. Examination or audit of other important matters.
A supervisor may independently exercise his or her authority. The executive supervisor shall be elected from among supervisors to represent all supervisors as a guest in a board meeting.
Article 10 The chairperson may designate the related heads or staff of KPL departments to be guests of a board meeting to report the business status and answer the questions raised by directors and/or supervisors. The chairperson may also invite accountants, legal consuls, or other professionals to be guests of a board meeting to express opinions and provide consultation services.
Article 11 Supervisors, executive supervisors, and the KPL director may make proposals or motions at a board meeting and join the discussions or express opinions in proposals, provided that no right of vote shall be entitled to them.
Article 12 When the BOD chairperson believes that a proposal has been adequately discussed and is ready for voting, he or she may cease the discussion and submit the proposal for voting. When voting for a proposal, the meeting chairperson may consult the opinions of the attending directors. When no objection is expressed, a proposal is passed. The outcome of voting shall be announced immediately and records shall be maintained.
Article 13 Directors, supervisors, the KPL director, the deputy KPL director, or their related parties shall not engage in any trade, lease, and contracts of KPL, except for justified reasons approved by a board meeting attended by more than two thirds of all directors and resolved by more than two thirds all attending directors. The “justified reason” in the above exception shall be limited to business relating to KPL.
Article 14 The concurrent chairperson, director, and supervisors shall be nonsalaried.
Article 15 BOD and BOS may be equipped with some staff to carry out related administrative affairs and perform internal audits.
Article 16 KPL is led by one director and one or two deputy directors to administer and operate KPL with the KPL division through division of labor.
Article 17 The duties of functions of KPL divisions are as follows:
I. Acquisition and Cataloging Division: Planning collection development policies; procurement, recruitment, exchange registration; and cataloging of various data; recommendation of donations; and guidance for community and mobile libraries, etc.
II. Circulation Division: Reading and circulation of collection; books/data borrowing and return; online book borrowing; audiovisual data; and reader services, etc.
III. Library Extension Division: Promotional activities; exhibitions; speeches; publicity and marketing; guided tours; and volunteer training and management, etc.
IV. Digital Resources Division: Analysis of various information and data; programming; IT hardware and software maintenance; education and training; digital resources; and micro self-service libraries, etc.
V. Multicultural Affairs Division: Multicultural affairs; languages; readers for overseas study; exchange and promotion; reference and consultation; and inter-library cooperation, etc.
VI. International Picture Book Division: Picture books; children’s literature; reading of abridged books; international exchange and promotion, etc.
VII. Research and Development Division: Research, evaluation, investigation, guidance, and development of related business; books in Kaohsiung, and other special collections, etc.
VIII. General Affairs Division: Clerical work, file management, procurement, office affairs, cashier, property management, construction and maintenance projects, building and library areas, electrical and mechanical facilities, and vehicle management.
IX. Personnel Division: Workforce recruitment, training, use, and benefits, etc.
X. Financial Management Division: Annual budget and final accounting, financial statement production, financial analysis, and CPA certification for Non-Departmental Public Bodies.
Article 18 KPL may set up branches in appropriate locations as per business needs. The functions and duties of a branch are as follows:
I. Circulation, borrowing and return (book delivery service), and management of books.
II. Promotion of cultural, art, and reading activities in each district.
III. Research and innovation of library business.
IV. Reader services.
V. Maintenance and management of library buildings.
Article 19 The KPL director shall be recommend by the supervisory agency and approved by BOD before hiring. The term of the KPL director is three years.
The KPL director is a full-time post responsible for the operations and management of KPL. The KPL director may issue official documents in the name of KPL within its authority and shall receive BOD supervision. The KPL director shall join a board meeting as a guest to present reports and prepare interpellation. The functions and duties of the KPL director are as follows:
I. To draw up the annual operation plan of KPL.
II. To plan the annual budget, set performance targets, and present the annual final accounting report.
III. To carry out and supervise KPL business.
IV. To hire and dismiss KPL staff.
V. To approve other KPL business plans.
The remuneration, termination of employment, and other rights and obligations of the KPL director shall be specified in the employment contract and reported to the supervisory agency.
Article 20 KPL may hire domestic and foreign scholars and experts as advisors for business needs.
The title and wage of KPL staff shall be specified by the personnel management regulations.
Article 21 When the KPL director is vacant, on leave, or unable to carry out his or her functional duties for any reasons, the order of proxy is as follows:
I. Deputy director.
II. Administrative officer.
Article 22 The KPL director shall convene and chair the KPL administrative meeting attended by the following roles:
I. KPL director
II. Deputy KPL director.
III. Administrative officer.
IV. Chief international affairs officer.
V. Division manager.
VI. Chief.
The KPL director may invite or designate related personnel to be guests or present at a KPL administrative meeting.
Article 23 These Articles of Organization shall be implemented and submitted to the supervisory agency for future reference after approval by BOD. The same shall apply to any amendments thereof.
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