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* Harborview (Daytime, Sunset)
 Visitors are treated to a beautiful view of the Kaohsiung Harbor from our roof garden. Important landmarks such as Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Port Terminal, Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center are all within sight. Under good weather condition, the beautiful blue sea that connects Kaohsiung Harbor and the ocean looks like a blue silk.

Harborview (Daytime)


 If you visit the Main Library between 5pm and 6pm, we recommend heading straight to our roof garden to catch a beautiful sunset view of Kaohsiung Harbor.

 Harborview (Sunset)


* Night View
 If you visit the Main Library in the evening, you will see a completely different building. The library was built using glasses and open-air lighting, therefore it is difficult to miss the bright light emitted from each floor. The four major pillars also emit different colors, which turned the entire building into a beautiful jewel that would illuminate Asia’s New Bay Area.

  Night View

* Photography
 The 8-story-tall Kaohsiung Main Library is a medium-sized building, which resembles to a huge box. With a modern and sharp building line, the Library offers a different view when photographing from various different locations. Bring you camera and try capturing the harmony of reading and nature in the library, or the beauty of our Grand Lobby and the New Bay Garden on the roof. Other photo spots include “Transparent Courtyard (6F to 8F)”, “Circular Staircases (3F to 5F)”, “Public Art-Cultural Sediment (4F)”, “Four Major Pillars”, and “Books-Loaded Information Counter (3F).” From our roof, you can take beautiful pictures of Kaohsiung Harbor, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, 85 Sky Tower during daytime, as well as our unbeatable sunset view. Just make sure you bring more than one memory card.


* Lunch or tea time: Zone Café, Hanlin Tea Room
Tired? Come to Hanlin Tea Room on the first floor to get something to drink. Our “Signature Panda Milk Tea” and “Jade Green Tea” are smooth and refreshing. The library branch also offers quick lunch! The mouthwatering and seasonal “Red Pepper Fish” is a must-try!

 Lunch or tea time: LAB Coffee, Hanlin Tea Room

 Zone Café on the third floor is an ideal place to have a cup of coffee. The café offers light meals and various types of bread, visitors can bring any books or magazines from the library without checking them out.

 Lunch or tea time:Zone Café

 Lunch or tea time: LAB Coffee, Hanlin Tea Room

* Internet
 Wireless internet is available within the premises of the Main Library. We also offer a free e-book service called “Cloud Library @ Kaohsiung” where our visitors can access our digital collection using their own mobile device anywhere within the premises of the Main Library; Visitors who find the words on their cellphone or tablet too small can access any of the 20 desktops placed on the 4th floor of the Main Library.


* New Bay Garden
 New Bay Garden is located on the roof of the Main Library. Visitors can access the garden directly from the first floor using elevators or by circular staircases. The garden is an ideal location for selfie and group photo. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon when sea breeze is gentle and cool. Visitors can hop on one of the four platforms in the garden to catch a gorgeous harbor view or take a stroll around the garden. At night time, New Bay Garden offers a romantic date spot for couples with our beautiful mood lighting.

 New Bay Garden

* Public Art-Cultural Sediment
 Designed by artist Chen Long-bin, the artwork salutes Bodhidharma and Leonardo Da Vinci - two intellectuals representing the East and the West. Books are used as sculpting materials to demonstrate its relationship with the library. There are two large book walls, and striation of the books symbolizes the thoughts of these two intellectuals. Even stones on the ground are made from book sculpting, and viewing the artwork from afar offers a very different experience from viewing it closely.

 Public Art-Cultural Sediment

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