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Rules and Regulations

Kaohsiung Public Library Rules and Regulations

I. General Provisions
    1. The rules and regulations listed below are stipulated by Article 8 of the Library Law.
    2. The mission of Kaohsiung Public Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library) is to serve the general public, provide library services, promote social education, and organize various cultural activities.
    3. Matters not stipulated here may be subject to other appropriate laws and regulations.

II. Library Card Application and Identity Check
    4. To apply for the library card, personal identifications are required. When the applicant is unable to apply in person, he/she may designate a person to apply on behalf of the applicant with a letter of authorization along with both parties’ identification certificates (excluding group library card). However, those who hold the original documents of both parties and can prove that they are immediate family members or spouses are not required to issue a letter of authorization. If there is any change in the reader's information, please contact the library to update the information immediately. (The application form for the library card is only kept for one year in order to maintain the security of readers' personal data)
        (1) Individual Library Card
          1. ROC  ID Card, driver's license, or household registration record for ROC citizens.         

          2. ARC Card for Mainland Chinese citizens.
          3. ARC Card or proof of identification issued by consulate for all other nationals.
        (2) Family Library Card
              Household members can apply by presenting their ID card and household registration certificate or a valid copy of the household registration of the whole household. Each household is limited to one piece, which will be used in the city's main library and all branches.
        (3) School Library Card
              Available to all public and private junior high schools, elementary schools, preschools in Kaohsiung. The class instructor shall submit his/her teacher certificate and ROC ID when applying on behalf the class.
        (4) Group Library Card
              Available to all public and private organizations in Kaohsiung (excluding organizations that provide book rental services) or organizations from other cities but have made donation to Kaohsiung Public Library in the past. Applicant needs to submit his/her ROC ID and an official document certifying the company business.   
    5. Each guest may only apply for ONE individual library card good for accessing the main library and all branch libraries in Kaohsiung. Individual who submits a ROC ID Card for application, change, or reissuance of an individual library card will be able to use their ID card as a library card. No physical library card will be issued in such instance.
        Children and youth age 14 or under and individuals without a ROC ID Card shall submit their Household Registration Record. Such application also requires an identification document from one of the parents or legal guardian.
        An I-Pass Card from KMRT can also be used as an individual library card after proper setting.
   6. In the event of loss or damage of library card, please notify the nearest branch library. Please submit an identification document listed above and pay an administrative fee of 30NT for reissuance of card. No fee is required for ROC ID library card.  
        Library card owner is liable for all damages from unauthorized use without a proper loss report or a third-party.
   7. Per library regulation, all library cards shall be verified every six years. Patrons shall submit the necessary ID or identification documents to renew. The Renewal length of library card for readers from Mainland China or other countries will depend on the valid dates of their ARC cards. If there is no need to update the personal information of the library card, the patron may extend the library card online once within 30 days before the expiration date.

   8. Account Deactivation and Cancellation

        (1) Deactivation: A cardholder can cancel his/her card due to moving abroad or emigration. He/She shall present personal identification documents in person or entrust to a delegate. The delegate shall present a letter of authorization and both parties’identification documents.
        (2) Cancellation: If a cardholder is deceased, his/her family member or legal guardian shall present the death certificate or household registration cancellation transcript of the deceased with the delegate's personal identification document.

III. Loan Policy
    9. Library card is required to borrow books or documents. Guests shall abide by Copyright Law when using the borrowed books or documents.
    10. Maximum borrowable books and period are as follow:
        (1) Individual Library Card:  30 books, 4 back issues of periodicals, 4 audio-visual materials. Due date is 28 days for most books and periodicals, and 14 days for audio-visual materials, and children's books (J-type and + category).【Dadong Branch Library (Open New Window) has a separate policy regarding number of borrowable books and due dates】
        (2) Family Library Card: 60 books, 10 back issues of periodicals, 6 audio-visual materials. Due date is 28 days for most books and periodicals and 14 days for audio-visual materials, and children's books (J-type and + category). 【Dadong Branch Library (Open New Window) has a separate policy regarding number of borrowable books and due dates】
        (3) Class Library Card: 120 books for a period of 2 months.
        (4) Organization Library Card: 500 books for a period of 2 months.
        Borrower may renew a book twice if no reservation request is placed on the book (exclude Class Library Card, Organization Library Card or books reserved for specific events).

    11. Borrowing Audio-Visual Materials for In-Library Use

        (1) Patrons can check out public presentation edition of audio-visual materials. Only one item can be checked out at time.
        (2) Patrons can use the facilities in the Audio-Visual Multimedia Area. They shall present their library card to register at the Multimedia Service Desk before taking a seat. The maximum loan period is 3 hours. If a patron wishes to continue using the borrowed item, he/she shall return the item first before re-registering if there is a seat available and no one is in line.
        (3) Patrons shall comply with Regulations on the Classification of Publications and Videotaped Programs promulgated by the Ministry of Culture.

    12. Online reservation
        (1) Each library card can borrow or reserve up to 5 books online.
        (2) Online reservation does not apply to periodicals, audio-visual materials, materials for visually-impaired individuals, MUL books and CFL books; Audio-visual materials must be returned to the original library.
        (3) Online reservation for newly arrived books will be accepted 3 days after their entries into the library database. Priority shall be given to borrower who is physical present at the library in the event of double-booking.
        (4) Borrower who has accumulated 3 online reservation violations (a request is submitted online but books were not picked up within the allowable time frame) will not be allowed to reserve a book online for a period of 90 days starting from the following day of the final pick-up date. Borrower can remove the suspension by payment for a fee of 2NTD per day up to 180NTD.
        (5) Online reservation does not apply to Organization or Class Library Card holders.

         (6) On December 31st every year, the records of patrons who accumulate less than 3 violation points will be cleared the following day.

    13. Patrons can look up their personal checkout records and circulation activities with the Library’s Online Public Access Catalogue or visit the Library in person. SMS or emails will also be sent to notify patrons. However, patrons are not exempt from the penalties for overdue materials and violations of regulations if they do not receive a reminder notice from the library.
    14. Home delivery service is available. Guests who wish to use the service are required to pay a membership deposit of 1000NTD in advance and delivery fee will be deducted from the membership deposit. When the membership deposit reaches below 200NTD, guests must add more money to the membership account before being able to use the service again. Home delivery service is limited to materials that can be checked out from the library with a maximum allowance of five copies per use.
   15. Overdue policy:
        (1) Suspension period of library privileges is calculated based on the actual number of overdue days. Library privileges are restored at the end of suspension period only if guests have returned all materials or completed their compensation process. Maximum suspension period is 60 days.
        (2) Overdue fines are calculated based on the actual number of overdue days at the rate of 2NTD per day (attachment materials shall be returned at the same time) up to 120NTD.
        (3) In the event of material loss with overdue, guests shall compensate the library for the loss, and choose one of the two abovementioned options for the overdue part.
    16. Guests may return their books using the book drop service during closing hours of library (excluding audio-visual materials and books that were checked out using a class or organization library card).
    17. The following materials are restricted to “in-library use” only and cannot be removed from the premises:
        (1) Reference books
        (2) Current issue of periodicals, newspapers, and gazettes.
        (3) public presentation edition of audio-visual materials

        (4)Restricted materials deemed inappropriate for checking out from the library

    18. Guests shall return the materials immediately upon being notified by the library in the event of an urgent recall.

IV. General Rules
    19. Guests are responsible for their own valuable objects, books, backpack, or bags. The Library is not responsible for lost items.
    20. Guests are reminded to use all library books, periodicals, and facilities with care. All materials must be checked out properly before removing them from the premises.  Pets (except for certain areas), possession of hazardous materials, distribution of advertisement & flyers, or the act of selling products are not permitted.  
    21. Guests must comply with Copyright Law and other regulations when photocopying library materials. Violators are liable for all legal actions taken against them.
    22. Guests are reminded to stay quiet in the library. Smoking, eating (except at designated areas), napping, talking loudly, and other inappropriate actions are not permitted.
    23. Guests shall submit an application for material conversion or photography of library.
  24. Please call or email in advance for group tour reservations
V.  Violations
    25. Guests diagnosed with a certifiable infectious disease or in a state of insanity, or under the influence of alcohol or with an inappropriate dress code, or disturbing the library environment or violating the public order shall not be admitted to the library.
    26. Violators who do not follow the instructions given by the library staff shall be removed from the premises, and have their library membership suspended or their membership rights revoked depending on the seriousness of the violation. Law enforcement shall be notified in the event of serious violation.
     27. Guests shall be responsible for the materials they borrow. Compensation is required in the event of loss, damage, vandalism, annotation, or missing pages.
        (1). Compensation for library materials:
              1. Book: Same edition or newest edition of the same book (including attachment).
              2. Periodical: Same volume or newest volume of the same periodical.
              3. Non-book material: Newest edition or same edition.
        (2). In the event that the original edition or newest edition of a material cannot be acquired, borrower may compensate by paying cash. The method for calculating the compensation amount can be found below:
              1. Materials with a list price shall be compensated based on the list price; materials with a“basic list price”shall be compensated by multiplying the basic list price by 50; materials with a list price in foreign currency shall be compensated based on the currency exchange rate of the day.
              2. Materials in Chinese without a list price shall be compensated based on the rate of 1NTD per page or 300NTD per volume if the page number cannot be identified; materials in foreign language without a list price shall be compensated based on the rate of 2NTD per page or 400NTD per volume for novels and 1000NTD for other type of materials if the page number cannot be identified; audio-visual materials  shall be compensated based on the rate of 4000NTD for the public broadcasting edition and 500NTD for the home edition.
              3. In the event of loss or damage to one or more than one volume of a set material, compensation amount shall be calculated based on the list price of a single volume or the average unit price.
              4. Loss of attachment materials shall be compensated based on the list price of the material it belongs to.
        (3) Patrons who encounter natural disasters of force majeure (such as flood, fire or earthquake) shall be waived from compensation upon submitting a certified document issued by the head of district or other documents / photos certifying such event.
        (4) No refund shall be given to guests who have made a compensation payment for losing a book and received a receipt.

VI. Reading Area Usage
    28. In order to better manage and oversee usage of library reading area and maintain library order and user rights, please follow the rules below when using the reading area:
        (1) Reading area is available on a first come, first served basis. Guests may not occupy a seat in advance. Our staff will patrol the premises periodically and a reminder sheet will be placed on occupied seats without an actual person sitting. Guests who have not returned to their occupied seats in 60 minutes will forfeit their seats to other guests. Guests are responsible for their personal belongings at all times. 
        (2) Guests with an urgent need for using the reading area can ask the library staff for a time sheet with actual time written on the sheet. If the person occupying the seat does not return within 60 minutes from the issuance of time sheet, the seat will then belong to the guest who applied for the time sheet. If the original occupier returns within 60 minutes from the issuance of time sheet, then the original occupier retains the right to that seat. 
        (3) In order to maintain the rights of guests who need to read “in-library only” materials, the library may designate a priority zone for in-library material users depending on the demand.

VII. Supplementary Provisions
    29. Opening hours shall be stipulated separately.

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