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Architectural Experience

 Architectural Experience

* Magic Steel Bars
 The pillars magically disappeared at the Main Library. Conventional buildings usually have pillars with a diameter of 90cm, but the Library uses steel bars with a diameter of 10cm. These steel bars are responsible for making each floor suspended, which is why you won’t find those view-blocking large pillars here.
* Transparent Curtain Wall
 The Main Library is surrounded by glass curtain walls, which offer high transparency. Enjoy the view of ocean, trees, buildings right from the library desks! No wonder these desks are quickly filled with students on weekends.

 Transparent Curtain Wall

 Transparent Curtain Wall

* Floor Air Conditioner
 Tiny circular discs, which are cold to the touch, can be found on the floor all over the Main Library. Apparently this is a new Japanese technology where AC moves under the floor.
* Four Major Pillars
 The Main Library has 4 major pillars supporting the building like four legs of a stool. Two of the pillars resemble to the shape of fiber, which symbolizes how light the Main Library is.

 Four Major Pillars


 One of the remaining pillars is colored in blue, which symbolizes ocean and water. The other one is colored in red, which symbolizes trees. Each pillar contains a large number of pipes and wires. Library staff also work inside of these gigantic pillars!

 Four Major Pillars

* Suspended Beams on the Eighth Floor
 Be careful and don’t run into those diagonal beams when walking on the eighth floor. These diagonal beams are hard to find in conventional buildings, but they are a key feature behind suspended buildings such as the Main Library. In other words, the entire eighth floor has to support the combined weight of seven floors under it. You can try knocking these steel beams and the crisp sound produced will tell you how strong and durable they are!

 Suspended Beams on the Eighth Floor

* A Courtyard with Natural Lighting
 A large courtyard can be found between sixth floor and eighth floor of the Main Library. In addition to providing large amount of natural lighting, the 8 large Asian bayberry trees planted in the atrium on the sixth floor also create an interesting sight where large trees can be found inside of the library. Benches can be found next to the trees so come here and enjoy a sunny afternoon full of forest vitamins.

  A Courtyard with Natural Lighting

* Library in Trees, Trees in Library
 Many Indonesian cinnamon and indigenous cinnamon trees can be found on the west side (facing the ocean) and south side of the library. In addition to blocking wind, the growing trees also add a touch of nature and coolness to the library interior. Take a walk and refresh yourself!

 Library in Trees, Trees in Library

* New Bay Garden
 New Bay Garden on the roof of Main Library can be accessed directly by elevators from the first floor or via circular staircase in the library. The four principal pillars of the library can be seen from the garden, which includes pond and garden. Maintaining the roof garden requires a lot of efforts by the library.

 New Bay Garden

* Main Library Plaza
 A 3653 square meter wide and 8.4m tall pillar-less opening space made possible only through suspended architecture.

 Main Library Plaza

* Central Circular Staircase
 Located between third floor and fifth floor of the Main Library. With its hollow design, visitors can see through each floor and are treated to a beautiful spiral image when climbing the circular staircase.
Central Circular Staircase
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