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 Reading Experience

* Kaohsiung Books
 Want to look up materials about the city of Kaohsiung? Just come to the Main Library! We offer a whole section of books on Kaohsiung through our collaboration with Kaohsiung Museum of History. Nonetheless, you still have to pay a visit to the Museum of History if you are looking for research-type materials.

 Kaohsiung Books

* Essential Publication Display Window
 Our library also possesses books dated from a long time ago! These books are placed in display windows located on bookshelves. With a total of 572 historical books, it is like a mini museum!
* Periodicals 
 Our periodical section offers a total of 829 foreign and domestic magazines and periodicals on 12 shelves for your reading pleasure. There’s no need to go to a bookstore anymore!



* Bestsellers
 Our bestseller section will make you feel like are at a bookstore! The only difference is that you can borrow these books here!


* Themed Book Exhibit
 Book exhibit theme is changed every three months. Want to choose a theme and dive in?
* Blind Date with Book
 This is an interesting activity where borrowers do not know the book they borrow in advance. Want to enjoy the surprise and joy of opening a random gift? Join us!

 Blind Date with Book

* Cultural Sediment
 The public art at the Main Library has an interesting name called “Cultural Sediment”. Budhidharma and Leonardo Da Vinci - the two intellectuals of the East and the West are carved by books. Come and check it out.

 Cultural Sediment

* Checkout Counters on 3F and 4F
 Our checkout counters are also designed to offer a complete library-immersion experience.

 Checkout Counters on 3F and 4F

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