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Reference Service

I. Objective:
This overview of reference service is enacted with the objectives of disseminating information and data, as well as satisfying library patrons' desire for knowledge.   


II. Types of service provided:
1. Face-to-face queries: provides answers in person to library patron questions. 
2. Telephone queries: provides immediate answers over the phone during business hours.
3. Queries by mail: provides answers to patron questions raised via mail. 
4. Email queries: the Email account is provided for patron queries.  This library responds to these questions via Email.  

III. Services:
1. General information queries.
2. Expert knowledge queries. 
3. Assist patrons in searching reference books and collection materials. 
4. Provide expert materials: Build various databases and online resources for public reference.  
5. Photocopy service: Provide patrons with the use of a photocopier.  
6. Interlibrary loans: Provide interlibrary loans and material photocopies from other libraries through interlibrary cooperation.  


IV. Service record: Provide FAQs for searches. 


V. These items are implemented after being passed and announced by this library's Library Affairs Council, as with any amendments thereto.  


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