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Key Publications

 The Main Public Library intends to place approximately 286 glass display cases in the stacks of each floor. These are for public display and not for loan. The cases will contain 572 classic monographs of a critical nature or out of print.

 Every “out-of-print classic” is unique, as there are few copies of them in circulation, and they possess value as cultural relics, for academic research, and as works of art. There are ten major categories of discontinued classics including monographs, documents, and materials on various topics (disciplines) with content of precious value. These materials are inspiring and possess an intergenerational influence.

Key publications can be found on each floor of the Main Public Library. For example, books about Kaohsiung are located on the 4th floor; a special collection for youth is located on the 5th floor; classics from Category 0 ~ 9 can be found on the 6th and 7th floor.

 Collection books come from publishing company warehouses, from bookstores selling second hand books, from the collections of experts and scholars, from ancient relic collectors, from the National Central Library's material preservation center, from select publishers, and other sources. The center also solicits donations or lending for exhibitions from organizations, groups, and individuals, in addition to actively seeking donations of key publications from university departments of various fields.

 “Key publications”are cleverly displayed on each floor of the library to form a culturally classical reading atmosphere and make the library a place to become closer to and explore knowledge through books, to start a different kind of intellectual journey, and to satisfy the public's various reading preferences.


Library Introduction

 Kaohsiung's new Main Library, located in Asia's New Bay Area, and opened in November of 2014, is a space for reading near the Kaohsiung waterfront. It is also the world's first suspended structure concept design. There are no beams or columns inside the building, thus giving the library a penetrable feeling. More unique is the large number of trees planted inside the library, thereby creating green architecture that is one with the trees and providing a new reading experience.

Purpose of Display

 In the early period after its opening, the library had over 700,000 bibliographic items in its collection. In addition to the brand new books on brand new shelves in the library, based on library classification methods the library has also collected and sought the donations of various classic and out-of-print books to create the “Old and Classic Book Exhibition.” This exhibition provides the new library experience of “borrowing new books and appreciating old books,” and allows the public to admire the real appearance of various hard-to-find classic books, in addition to providing an understanding of the great generational significance of books.

Exhibition Name

 Unique and Precious Books-Key Publication Showcase

Period of Exhibtion


Exhibition Location

 Bookcases in 4-7 floor stacks of the new Main Library.

Exhibition Format

 The exhibition plan includes 286 glass exhibition cases in all, with dimensions of 61.4 centimeters in length and 41 centimeters in width, which will be placed on each book shelf (See the picture below). Micro-environmental control and lighting are installed in the cases, including activated carbon or charcoal placed under exhibits for a dehumidifying effect. Lighting inside the cases is provided by a projection light controlled under 100 LUX. There is also an explanation placard placed on the display.

Methods for Preserving Displayed Library Materials

  All books and materials will undergo a freezing process to prevent book bugs before being displayed. This process will prevent insects and their eggs from damaging the books. Books will be displayed immediately after the freezing process. Books that are not on display right away will be put on a special collection shelf as reserves. The Main Library has two special collection shelves equipped with humidity control, which allows the library staff to add or lower humidity as desired. Also, a computer system monitors and adjusts humidity automatically. 

Insurance and Freight

 All exhibition materials are insured wall to wall (they are covered during their transportation from their place of origin to the exhibition site, during the exhibition, and during the return to place of origin). Insurance fees and freight are paid by the Main Public Library.

Contracts for Providing Materials for Exhibition

 The Main Public Library, as well as other units and individuals providing exhibition materials, will sign a contract. The names of these units and individuals will be on the explanation placards in the display cases.



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