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Regulations for Borrowing Tablet Computers

Regulations for the Borrowing and Use of Tablet Computers in Kaohsiung Public Library



Ratified by the Director on November 5th, 2019.



1. Kaohsiung Public Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library) has formulated the following regulations to promote the use of the Library’s collections of electronic resources, provide readers with equipment for searching online resources and maintain a fair and safe environment for use.



2. To borrow a tablet computer, a patron needs to register in advance with a valid library card, and present a valid identification document (such as ID card, driver's license or a National Health Insurance Card) in person. Those under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a legal representative or guardian.


3. Each patron is allowed to borrow one tablet computer at a time for a maximum of 4 hours. The borrowed item should be used strictly inside the library, and should be returned no later than 30 minutes before the Library is closed.


4. Reservations require presentation of a valid library card. Reservation of devices that are not checked-out after notification (one hour) will be cancelled


5. When borrowing a device, patrons should confirm the device model and the number of accessories on the spot, and fill out the Tablet Checklist. If there is any problem, patrons  contact our service desk staff immediately.


6. If a borrowed item is damaged or lost, the borrower is liable for the compensation.


7. Each hour of late return is penalized with a one day suspension of the borrowing right (including all the rights to borrow books and reserve facilities) . The maximum period of suspension is 60 days. Suspension days for late returns may be converted into a fine, with one day for TWD 2. A late return of 30 days is regarded as unwillingness to return the device, in which case the Library will send a formal letter to reclaim the device and seek redress through legal channels.


8. Care and Use

  (1) The tablet is limited to reading electronic books, learning online and doing academic research. As the Library is a public place, it is required to keep quiet when using the tablet. Playing computer games and browsing websites containing pornographic materials or information detrimental to social security are strictly prohibited.


  (2) When using the library’s tablet computers, patrons must comply with information ethics and must not install or distribute malware. Patrons may not change system settings and application software and disassemble peripheral components.


  (3) Patrons should back up personal information and delete it before returning the device. The Library is not responsible for the preservation or the confidentiality of the information.


  (4) The Library reserves the right to request patrons to return the device earlier in special circumstances.


  (5) The device must be used in accordance with intellectual property rights and the law. Patrons are held accountable for any deliberate or negligent violation.

  (6) Should a breach of the above-mentioned regulations occur, the device will be recalled immediately.


9. Compensation

  (1) If a borrowed item is damaged, destroyed or compromised by anything other than normal use during the checkout period, the borrower is liable for the compensation for repair. The right of the borrower to borrow tablets will be suspended until the compensation is fully paid.


  (2) If the device is beyond repair or lost, it should be replaced with a new one with the same or an updated version. The borrower is also allowed to pay the purchase price of the original device. When the compensation is paid and the receipt is collected, under no circumstances can a refund be made.



10. Should any matter arise which is not covered by the above regulations, it shall be dealt with in a fair manner in accordance with the relevant laws, customs and principles of good faith.



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