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Overseas Study Information Center

The Kaohsiung Public Library created the Overseas Study Information Center in order to provide library patrons planning to study abroad with required information, counseling, and other resources. Provided resources include relevant reference materials, advice for studying abroad, and study-abroad seminars at various times. The library’s instruction and education provides library patrons with the information they need to find materials related to studying abroad and applying for overseas schools.

  • We provide free study-abroad information.  Applicants must request school applications themselves.
  • We assist library patrons in using the library-purchased database to query information themselves.
  • Patrons must translate study-abroad information written in a foreign language themselves.
  • Check with professional study-abroad agencies in various areas for assistance with study-abroad application procedures.

*Center operations

  • This library has also hired experts who have studied abroad to provide counseling for the many students who wish to study abroad so that library patrons will be able to ask them about the procedures for applying to study abroad, necessary documents, the countries in which they intend to study, as well as information on school departments in various countries.  The priority of this counseling is on introducing specific countries and university departments, but counselors will not act as agents in assisting students with the application process.  This library has also hired in-library counselors to provide counseling at set times and places and answer patrons’ general questions concerning document preparation, preparing for related examinations, popular countries for studying abroad, and information on departments and graduate schools in order to provide timely information and familiarize library patrons with the overseas study application process.
  • Lecture series on studying abroad: At various times each month, we will hold one or two lectures during holidays.  The theme for these lectures will be introductions to university departments in various countries.  Admission is free.
  • School catalogs from various countries: Our library has also collected school catalogs from various countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England, Japan, and others.  Library patrons can use these catalogs to choose the school which is appropriate for them. 
  • Audio-visual materials: There are videos featuring campus scenery and school introductions.
  • Study-abroad database: In addition to paper-based materials, our library also has a database which provides directories of graduate schools in the United States and Canada, guides to American and Canadian universities, information on scholarship, and other information for patrons to search.

*Service time stronghold
The Reference Room for Study Abroad at Kaohsiung Public Library
5F., No.61, Singuang Rd., Cianjhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 80661, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel:886-7-536-0238 #5504
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