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Cultural Diversity

 In response to changes created by the close interaction of the globalization wave and cultural diversity, this library has set up the “Multicultural Area” and purchased newspapers, periodicals, monographs, and audio-visual materials of various languages in order to provide a dedicated space for reading, leisure, and learning for different kinds of people.  It also embodies multicultural values by hosting cultural exchange promotions for various countries at unspecified times, and also putting on events in regard to international affairs and providing various communities with timely and diverse event information.

*Area services

  • Responsible for services and promotions related to multiculturalism and speakers of various languages.
  • Maintenance and management of multicultural reading materials and special collection materials.
  • Host cultural promotion activities in cooperation with units representing various countries in Taiwan.
  • Provide various communities with information service they require.

*Collection Resources

 Area collection includes materials from the US, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and other countries. Collection content includes language and literature, history and culture, leisure and tourism, arts and humanities, health care and other topics presented in book and audio-visual formats to provide a diverse learning environment for various communities.

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