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* Main Library Garden Plaza
 Let’s play at the garden before heading into the library! 

 Main Library Garden Plaza

* Central Circulating Staircase
 Let’s take the central circulating staircase and head downstairs towards the International Picture Book Center.

 Central Circulating Staircase

* Picture Book Center Lobby
 Here’s the International Picture Book Center! Let’s take a picture first.

 Picture Book Center Lobby

* International Picture Book Center
 Love the wooden front entrance!

 International Picture Book Center

* Children Self-Checkout Machiner
 The self-checkout machine on the left side is cute! 
 The machine can be operated from either side!

 Children Self-Checkout Machiner

* Picture Book Center Book Exhibit
 Let’s take a look at the featured books of the ongoing book exhibit.

 Picture Book Center Book Exhibit

* Heart Cushion Reading Area
 The heart cushion reading area is one of the most beloved design of the Picture Book Center.

 Heart Cushion Reading Area

* Oasis Reading Area
 An oasis-themed reading area with tree-shaped pillars and a blue carpet symbolizing river!

 Oasis Reading Area

* Children’s Classics and Periodicals
 Even bookshelves have become part of the wave. We have many award-winning children’s classics from around the world! Our periodical section also contains the widely popular monthly magazine from Benesse.

 Children’s Classics and Periodicals

* Children Desk and Chair
 All desks and chairs have taken children’s height into consideration.

 Children Desk and Chair

* Foreign Language Picture Books
 There are so many picture books in foreign languages! My brother always likes to pretend that he understands English books. But as you can see, it doesn’t matter whether it is in Chinese or another language. It doesn’t matter as long as there are pictures. 
My brother always wants mom to read for him and he tries to copy her English. Keep trying brother!

  Foreign Language Picture Books

* Children’s Fabric Books
 There are lots of fabric books for little kids in foreign languages! Go ahead and try tearing those up!

 Children’s Fabric Books

* Pop-up Books
 We also have a large collection of pop-up books here for borrowing! Make sure you handle them with care.

 Pop-up Books

* X-Large Picture Books
 We have many x-large picture books here too. Want to read a book as large as you? You got it!

 X-Large Picture Books

* Large Pop-up Books
 We also have large pop-up books, which only go on display on special occasions.

 Large Pop-up Books

* Book Sea Reading Area
 Enjoy reading together with children here. What a wonderful sight!

 Book Sea Reading Area

* Restroom for Children Featuring Colorful Tiles
 Children’s restroom is another wonderful surprise featuring marine-themed colorful tiles.

 Restroom for Children Featuring Colorful Tiles

* Storytelling Area
 The storytelling area at International Picture Book Center will host storytelling activities on weekends! Too bad we missed it, but it is still cool to take a picture here.

 Storytelling Area

* Ultraviolet Book Sterilizer
 Don’t forget to put the books you borrowed in one of our sterilizers and say goodbye to germs and bacteria!

 Ultraviolet Book Sterilizer

* See You Again
 Let’s take a picture with the library logo before going home. There is a huge collection of books here so we almost forgot the time!

 See You Again

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