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Kaohsiung Books

 The Kaohsiung information collection was created as a stronghold for reading culture in Southern Taiwan. It provides creative cultural life and allows Kaohsiung, with its harbors, mountains and rivers, to present an international disposition. It is a critical collection on the people, events, places, and artifacts related to research on Kaohsiung. This collection is an important witness to Kaohsiung’s development, as well as a treasure chest of the City’s memories. The extensive Kaohsiung information collection increases understanding of the region, provides teaching information concerning the local area, and serves as an important source of knowledge for creating local consciousness. In the future, the Kaohsiung information collection will be divided into two sub-collections: the “core collection” and the “general collection.” The former will be housed in the “Kaohsiung Literature and History Materials Room” of Kaohsiung Museum of History, primarily featuring monographs critical to Kaohsiung’s literature and history. The latter will be installed in the Kaohsiung Main Library’s Kaohsiung dedicated bibliographic collection and provide reference services. In addition, we will provide up-to-date information on our bibliographic materials and their status. You will be able to search for relevant information in our Main Library Collection.
 Kaohsiung Main Library is the first library with suspended steel architectural structure in the world. Its fourth floor contains the Kaohsiung dedicated bibliographic collection, which is designed as a collection of materials on the City, and archives materials including annals recalling Kaohsiung’s history, geography, culture, art, economy, transportation, attractions, historic sites, historic figures, literature (historic documents), miscellaneous records, local publications and writers, as well as other thematic books or material of significance to the City.
 The Kaohsiung dedicated bibliographic collection area strives to be an important information archive for the research of Kaohsiung’s people, events, periods, places, and artifacts. It is hoped that this will allow more people to become familiar with Kaohsiung, to research it, and to witness the City’s historical origins and development. This dedicated area’s collection not only increases knowledge of local conditions, but also provides teaching materials for understanding the region and serves as an important source of knowledge for creating local consciousness. This means those researching the topic of Kaohsiung will not need to spend lots of time and energy traveling to various places to collect material. Rather, this dedicated area provides convenience in its concentration of knowledge related to Kaohsiung.
 Based in Kaohsiung and looking to the new century, the Kaohsiung Main Library will continuously collect materials for its “Kaohsiung Dedicated Bibliographic Collection.” We sincerely hope you will reference, contribute to, and recommend this collection; we will work together in building the “Kaohsiung Dedicated Bibliographic Collection.”
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