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[NEWS] Welcoming the Month of May, KPL’s Reading Spotlight Shared Light of Knowledge

The Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) continued to host various events to celebrate World Book Day. On May 7, 22 library branches all over the city organized the "Reading Spotlight" event, which consisted of various unique reading activities.


Each of the 22 library branches held its own unique version of the "Reading Spotlight" event. In Dashu District, which is well-known for its pineapples, the Dashu Second Branch collaborated with Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation Chiutang Mill to host a papermaking activity. Centralized around the theme of "Renewing Our Forests'', the event presented an opportunity for participants to try their hands at making paper using the fibers of pineapple leaves and skin.


Throughout the activity, many children could be seen diligently following each step of the papermaking process. They began by extracting fibers and making them into pulps, removing the water, ironing the paper out, and putting on stamps of their choice on the piece of paper. The children even turned their handmade paper into cards and presented them to their mothers.

Meanwhile, the activity "WAWA~ The Amazing You!" took place in Qianzhen Branch, mainly focused on the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. The word "WAWA," which comes from an indigenous language, means "children."


For the event itself, KPL arranged for an exhibition of literary works and picture books that contain stories about different indigenous tribes in Taiwan and their cultural characteristics. Parents and children attending the event also had the chance to handcraft indigenous totem ornaments.

May 7 is the day before Mother's Day. Hence, KPL also held a Mother's Day event at the Youchang Branch. Cheng Loong Corporation also actively donated many tree-shaped bookshelves, paper desks and chairs, and tissues. The bookshelves were eye-catching, but the children loved the paper desks and chairs.


On that day, there were also two mobile libraries parked at the front of Youchang Branch, from which young visitors would choose one of the books from the vast collection. They would then read the selected stories aloud to their mothers, thus presenting a heartwarming sight that urges one to reflect on the greatness of a mother’s love.

"These events are a combination of themed exhibitions, which are static and dynamic reading activities. Through different kinds of events, we created a new form of reading,"

said Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of Kaohsiung Public Library.


A picture of Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of Kaohsiung Public Library and the participants of the events held by the Kaohsiung Public Library.

A picture of Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of Kaohsiung Public Library and the participants of the events held by the Kaohsiung Public Library.

Gushan Branch held a Wheel-of-Fortune activity that allowed children to experience the joy of reading.

The "Reading Spotlight" event in Xiaogang Branch was held with educational themes of "Environmental Protection" and "Space Science."

A papermaking company, Cheng Loong Corporation, also showed support for KPL's event by donating tree-shaped bookshelves to the Youchang Branch.

In the Qianzhen Branch, "WAWA~ The Amazing You!" was held in the form of an exhibition that showcased books on Taiwanese aboriginal culture. Through the exhibition, visitors learned more about unique cultural festivals held by the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan.

Families loved the paper desks and chairs donated by Cheng Loong Corporation.


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