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[NEWS] KPL and Hi-Lai Foods Collaborate on Holding Food-Themed Book Exhibition

The “Taste Good Books, Read Good Taste 2022” marks the second year of collaboration between Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) and Hi-Lai Foods. After reviewing the industry's feedback, the library staff proceeded with the book selection process. The result is an exhibition that showcases 78 different types of books, amounting to 264 books in total. Some of these books include dietary literature, cookbooks, and travel books. The exhibition is on the 3rd Floor of the Kaohsiung Main Public Library and will be held until August 28. Through this event, KPL hopes to introduce citizens to a new perspective on reading.


The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner. Generally, rice dumplings in Taiwan can be categorized into the Northern and Southern regional styles, each with its unique characteristics. The collaboration between KPL and Hi-Lai Foods in holding the exhibition is also a commemoration of this upcoming celebration, as both parties hope that citizens can read good, tasteful books during the holiday.

But that’s not all. KPL invited a famous culinary traveler and author, Roger Kuo, as the City Lecture Room speaker on Friday, July 7. Roger Kuo hails from Kaohsiung and shares the culinary cultures he encounters in his travels through writing, therefore giving the readers a glimpse at the artisan spirit of Kaohsiung citizens through their local specialties.

According to the Deputy Manager Jo-ning Wu of the Sales Marketing Department of Hi-Lai Foods Co. Ltd., the concept "Collection of Exotic Delicacies" is the central theme of this year's book exhibition. A combination of culinary arts, culture, and history, the exhibition shows the beauty of exotic delicacies through written words. Instead of remaining as a means to fulfill one’s hunger, they are granted deep cultural and historical values.

"Food can show us the different traditions and cultural characteristics of different regions. This time, we're inviting readers to the Kaohsiung Public Library to offer them spiritual healing through dietary literature, allowing them to taste the beauty of books on culinary delicacies,” said Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of Kaohsiung Public Library.




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