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[NEWS] Exploring the Hidden Depths of the Medical World with Dr. Lisa Liu

Taiwan Public Television’s popular drama Mad Doctor finally reached its end on June 4 during the Dragon Boat Festival holidays. Mad Doctor gave a glimpse at medical personnel's hidden, less well-known hardships and struggles. The Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) has invited the original creator of Mad Doctor's story, Dr. Lisa Liu, as a speaker at the City Lecture Hall on May 28. Her speech, titled The Mad Life of Mama Surgeon, was attended by almost 200 people. Afterward, more people lined up to ask for her autograph. The speech was live-streamed on the internet, making it possible for online viewers to listen along.

Aside from talking about the original inspiration for her work and her experiences in the medical field, Dr. Lisa Liu also shared about child safety education and the filming process of Mad Doctor. The audience was enraptured. Dr. Liu also mentioned that to become a surgeon,  one must possess "the heart of a lion, the eyes of an eagle, and the hands of a lady."

The audience was also interested in her sharing of surgical training methods that are applied in Japan. For example, many Japanese medical students would use tweezers to fold tiny paper cranes. In contrast, others would train their surgical precision skills using tweezers to lift a single grain of sushi rice. Dr. Lisa Liu openly shared about surgical procedures and explained about human body tissues. With her breast surgeon knowledge, she used her time to enrich the audience's medical knowledge.

When the pandemic rose to new heights in 2021, KPL staff folded nearly a thousand paper cranes. Behind the act was their wish for better days and hope that the pandemic would soon come to an end. Like medical personnel, library staff is also front-line fighters in our war against a pandemic. As an acknowledgment of their wishes, KPL also invited Tsui-fang Tsai, Head of the KPL Volunteer Group, and Li-chu Tai, a senior volunteer worker, to give their blessings on the day of the speech. Li-chu Tai once worked as nursing personnel. On the day of the address, Li-chu Tai presented preserved flowers to Dr. Lisa Liu, a gesture of rich and deep meaning.

Another topic Dr. Lisa Liu delved into during her speech was child education. She talked about ways of establishing healthy two-way communication with children. Dr. Lisa Liu stated that drawing was an exciting and practical way of educating children.

Dr. Lisa Liu also talked about her work with Chia-hui Shing to uphold child safety. Using a picture book titled Butterflies and Duo-duo as an example, Dr. Lisa Liu emphasized that it is essential for adults to enrich their knowledge on child safety continuously. Previously, Dr. Lisa Liu was a speaker at an Instructors' Training Workshop for KPL's Kaohsiung Children Loves Reading program. Dr. Liu Lisa worked alongside KPL to cultivate good storytellers and teachers. Back then, she guided the workshop's participants to learn about the impact of parent-and-child reading on infants and children from a medical point of view.

The popular drama Mad Doctor was based on Dr. Lisa Liu's novel of the same name. Through the story, readers can explore a hidden side of the medical world that has remained unknown to the public. Citizens interested in Mad Doctor may either look at the book reviews on the Kaohsiung Public Library Fanpage or watch the drama online.



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