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[NEWS] Fun Activities Held by the Leaf Mobile Library at the National Science and Technology Museum

The Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) has not simply launched the mobile library initiative during the pandemic. KPL has taken its efforts further by arranging for a special mobile library to be parked at the South Complex Square of the National Science and Technology Museum. This mobile library came with a special activity, and both are a part of the "Leaf Mobile Library: Local Resource Center Stamp Collection" activity program. Aside from allowing participants to learn more about library resources, the program also encourages parents and children to enrich their knowledge about plants through observation.    


The "Leaf Mobile Library: Regional Resource Center Stamp Collection" activity consisted of three main parts. Citizens could win prizes after participating in each part of the activity. In the first part, children must observe and match different kinds of leaves to their plants of origin. By following the guidelines written in their study sheets, they must document the process and draw the leaves and plants by hand. Meanwhile, in the second and third parts of the activity, the library staff guided participants as they learned how to use the "Public Library Resource Center Sharing Platform" to borrow books.


"The Public Library Resource Integration and Development Initiative" was first commenced in 2013, with 4 Regional Resource Centers and 8 District Resource Centers installed in the northern, central, southern, and eastern parts of Taiwan. Collections in the Resource Center are selected through a professional book-selection mechanism to provide readers with high-quality and educational reading materials.

"The Public Library Regional Resource Center was built for the benefit of the National Library, and the Kaohsiung Public Library holds an important role as the Southern Resource Center in integrating the library resources of southern Taiwan. In Kaohsiung, citizens may select the books they wish to borrow online and can even access resources thanks to the shared service provided by the National Library," said Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of the Kaohsiung Public Library. "At the same time, the physical SRRC library collection at the Kaohsiung Main Public Library and the Zuoxin Branch Library consists of 73,224 books and 137 electronic books. Citizens can borrow materials from the closest libraries in their neighborhood. The collection includes materials on humanities, art, entertainment, environmental protection, and even technological innovation."


Even in the face of the pandemic, KPL never stops providing services for citizens. KPL will continue to organize and conduct diverse reading promotion and library guidance activities to enrich knowledge and encourage learning among citizens and maintain their lives and health during the pandemic.


After completing all three parts of the activity, children may trade their achievement points with TOMICA car toys.

The library staff guided participants as they learned how to use the "Public Library Resource Center Sharing Platform" to borrow books.



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