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[NEWS] Great News! Mituo Park Branch Library Honored by MOE with 2022 Reading Bedrock Awards

To cultivate reading as an educational subject for citizens, the Mituo Park Branch Library initiated the "Happy Reading – The 3D Foundations to Your Dreams", a community reading and life circle program. The program aims to help citizens build the basic three foundations, or 3D, in order to achieve their dreams. The 3D Foundations are I Do, I Digital, and I Dream.   The program won a Reading Encouragement Group Award, a category in the MOE's Reading Bedrock Awards. This award is not simply an acknowledgment to the Mituo Park Branch Library for the results of their long-term efforts in cultivating reading education. It also bestows strength upon the groups which have dedicated themselves to promoting reading for citizens.


After its reformation into an independent administrative institution, KPL has always emphasized professionalism and flexibility of talents. KPL believes in utilizing professional talents for related needs and the importance of dynamic thinking in promoting reading for citizens. Director Ya-Lian Tseng of Mituo Park Branch Library was one of the first professional talents who has stayed with KPL since its reformation. Moreover, Director Ya-Lian Tseng has not only participated in organizing various special programs but also participated in the programs themselves.


Director Ya-Lian Tseng once worked as an editor in a publishing company and utilized the total capacity of her skills and knowledge upon becoming a member of the KPL staff. She brought a new and exciting sort of energy to reading. Director Ya-Lian Tseng, who grew up in a coastal rural area, working at the Mituo Park Branch Library feels like coming home. Armed with the love of her hometown in her heart, Director Ya-Lian Tseng has spared no effort in improving reading education for rural citizens.


During the pandemic, the Mituo Park Branch Library made some modifications to hold one of its programs online. With access to "FUN Heart Storytelling" over the internet, children could listen to many stories while staying at home. For senior citizens, the Mituo Park Branch Library organized a program called "Mituo Digital Opportunity Center" and attempted to conduct some digital learning classes to promote digital resources in the community.


Mituo Park Branch Library's volunteer storytellers would visit Mituo Elementary School on Tuesdays and Thursdays to tell stories for the children. The activity is very interactive, with the volunteers allowing children to act as characters of the stories, establishing a link between the story and their real lives. Principal An-Shi Li of the Mituo Naan Elementary School even gave his well-wishes to the Mituo Park Library, hoping that it would be able to receive a fitting award.


The Mituo Park Branch Library also initiated the Midou Theater Group. The group consists of volunteers, local senior citizens, and community members passionate about reading. One of the group's core members is Hui-En Gao, who works at the library. "I still remember Midou Theater Group's first performance. Our performance was based on a Taiwanese picture book titled "Soy Sauce Looking for Relatives." Our group has been around for nine years, but it still feels like yesterday." The group often accompanies KPL’s mobile libraries to perform in rural areas, which allows local students and children to experience an entirely new form of reading.


At the same time, the Mituo Park Branch Library is also working to unite members of the communities and integrate reading resources for citizens. With this goal in mind, the branch library organized and conducted various programs, such as "Reading in Peace," "Frame-by-Frame Animation," "Table Games Creation in the Hometown of Milkfish," "Phone Photography for Senior Citizens," "Beach Cleaning Activity," and so on.


"As a community-based public library, our methods of operations are diverse. Promotion for reading is no longer limited to traditional paper-based texts but rather enriched with new ideas and innovations. "In addition to our library's professional information and the staff's passion for serving citizens, we also take the time to truly understand the development conditions of local areas and the reading needs of citizens residing in said areas," said KPL Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin. "Those are the main reasons we receive such reviews for our programs and services on a national level and received the highest honor as a palace of books. It hasn't been an easy road, but no one can refute the Mituo Park Branch Library's excellent efforts."


Director Ya-Lian Tseng (back row, third from the left) taking a picture with the volunteer team and library staff.

Staff members of the Mituo Park Branch Library, members of the Midou Theater Group, and members of the volunteer team as they work together to promote reading.

Principal Lu-Sheng Hsieh of Mituo Elementary School thanking the volunteers who visited the school to hold storytelling activities for the students.

The Mituo Park Branch Library working together with Compal Electronics to conduct reading promotion activities.


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