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B1 International Picture Book Center
B1 International Picture Book Center
B1 International Picture Book Center

The Center holds outstanding picture books collected from all over the world. It is divided into three regions: picture books from Taiwan, picture books from Asia and picture books from Europe and America. The reading areas are designed with scenes and pictures taken from representative picture books of each region. Picture books in the Center are displayed according to awards won, themes or authors, which breaks the tradition of book display in public libraries. At the same time, the Center introduces different authors, illustrators or picture books of different styles regularly. The space of the Center is designed with smooth and natural lines and bright colors, inspired by the ocean and the natural scenery in Kaohsiung and designed to create an interesting space that encourages reading. In addition to the bookshelves, there are also information kiosk, picture book exhibition and multi-functional study room.

International Picture Book Center

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