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Find the hand-made Braille books in which Braille labels are attached onto picture books for children to let parents, teachers and family members be able to read with visually-impaired children. The library also provides digital Braille talking books as well as computers for the visually-impaired to ensure that they can read books and search for information.

Multimedia Area provides all kinds of videos and movies, including documentaries about environmental protection issues, recordings of all the plays by Performance Workshop over the years, recordings of concerts in Europe, award-winning animations, documentaries about travelling and geography, classic movies, award-winning movies and award-winning documentaries.

Facilities: Multimedia Area, Local Collection, Information Retrieval Area, Visually Impaired Material, Language Learning Area, Wi-Fi Area, Key Publication Showcases.


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  • Text
  • Public art
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  • Information Desk
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  • Bibliotherapy Section
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  • Local Collection
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  • Area for the Visually Impaired
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  • Balcony Garden
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  • Information Retrieval
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  • Visually Impaired Material Section
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  • Computers for the Visually Impaired
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