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7-8F Ji Hui Auditorium
7-8F Ji Hui Auditorium
7-8F Ji Hui Auditorium

 The Ji Hui Auditorium covers 126 ping (approximately 416.5 square meters) in space, the clear height in the room is 3 to 7 meters and it seats 448 people, with 6 seats for the physically challenged. The intelligent environmental control system inside the room controls venue lighting, sound, air conditioning and other related hardware devices to provide users, listeners and monitors with convenient and applicable interactive user interface and a contemporaneous monitoring process. It also possesses a professional-level broadcast system with mobile and wireless microphones, a high-specification digital processor, and linear array speakers, which reduce sound interference and also improve the sound quality. Audience seats and the stage possess raising and lowering lighting rods, as well as professional floodlights and fixed focus ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, which are controlled with a 12-channel digital lighting control system. In addition, it has a 21000ANSI high lumen projector.

Ji Hui Auditorium

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