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[NEWS] Cheng Loong "Paper Library" x Kaohsiung Public Library Open Book

During the period of Epidemic Alert Level 3 when all public libraries were closed, Kaohsiung Public Library used the time to renovate the interiors of various libraries. Apart from the surprise reading corner at the Main Library, colorful cardboard chairs and tables have been added to Yenchao Branch, Gangshan Branch, Lujhu Branch, Alian Branch, and Mituo Branch. These cardboard chairs and tables have been painted by local story mamas with local elements and have been highly praised.


Cheng Loong Group, an international paper company, has collaborated with Kaohsiung Public Library to create sustainable reading areas with environmentally friendly cardboard tables, chairs, and showcases, as well as toilet papers made of recycled papers.


Cheng Loong Group launched its "Paper Library" project in 2014 to build paper libraries with design furniture made of recycled paper and cardboards in elementary schools in remote areas. At present, Cheng Loong Group has built 19 paper libraries in Taiwan.


According to Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of Kaohsiung Public Library, Cheng Loong Group has a long history in Kaohsiung, and most of the employees working at Yenchao Plant of the Group come from the greater Gangshan area. This is the first time that the company has collaborated with KPL for charity purposes. The collaboration focuses on libraries in the greater Gangshan area. Cardboard tables, chairs and showcases provided by Cheng Loong will be used to support various reading promotion activities.


Cheng Loong's paper library project plans to create more cardboard products for libraries in Kaohsiung and make more people aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection.


Cheng Loong Group donated cardboard tables and chairs to Kaohsiung Public Library A group photo with Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin (third from the right), Chun-he Li, the CEO of Cheng Loong Foundation and the plant manager Ming-da Wang of Yenchao Plant of Cheng Loong Group.




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