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Introduction of Director



* Director
Cheng-Yi Pan

* Education
Institute of Public Affairs Management, National Sun Yat-sen University

* Experiences
2010.12-2014.12 Chief Secretary, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
2004.9-2010.12 Chief of Second Section, Military Service Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

* Introduction

Director Cheng-Yi Pan assumed the position of director of Kaohsiung Public Library in January 2015. The Library consists of the Main Library and 60 branch libraries, with a budget of $483,977,000 NTD for 2020.


* Administrative Vision

1. Build the Library into a multi-functional cultural and educational establishment that meets international standards for the benefit of all Kaohsiung citizens. The new main library will prioritize the reading habits of all ages and groups and embrace both tradition and digital innovation, in order to serve as a place where exploration, leisure and lifelong learning are perfectly combined.
2. Incorporate the business mechanism via the cultural and creative industries. Form a library complex by housing the MICE and Cultural & Creative Industry Center for generating income from royalties to serve as the library's funding source. Financial stability is thus achieved through such a self-liquidating public construction.
3. Uphold a macro vision for operation, promote cultural diversity, elevate the library service to the international level, and connect with the world to bring the library to new heights.
4. Discover local resources in Kaohsiung and serve as the role model for the public library innovation operation.
5. Adopt the administrative mechanism of the service industry, i.e. being active, positive and efficient, in order to create a library that satisfies all.

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