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[NEWS] Summer Vacation Activities of KPL are in Full Swing

With summer vacation approaching, the Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) has planned a series of activities for readers of all ages to choose from, such as storytelling for infants and toddlers, online reading activities for schoolchildren, learning camps for enthusiastic youth, and English-language reading learning programs. Starting from July, the Main Library will offer the “Night Stay at the Main Library” and “AR Experience Workshop”; “Fun Science Camp” at Lee-Ko-Yung Memorial Library and modern poetry writing and essay writing courses at the Yenchao Branch will be available; the Mituo Park Branch, which just won the Reading Rock Awards held by the Ministry of Education, will also launch the event of “Little Farmers’ Experience during the Holidays”.


The International Picture Book Center at the Main Library has always been popular with readers of all ages. The “AR Experience Workshop” during the summer vacation can be booked online every day. Through the AR technology reading experience service, children’s interest in reading will be stimulated through the introduction of theme-related picture books and games. Last year, the event of “Night Stay at the Main Library” was canceled due to the pandemic, but this year it will start again during the summer vacation, with a limit of 52 participants. Once the registration was opened, the number of applicants reached three times as many as the limit, which broke the record. So KPL could only draw lots to pick the lucky ones who would spend an unforgettable night of adventure in the library.


Lee-Ko-Yung Memorial Library’s biological exploration activities, which allow children to observe the ecology and habits of insects, have always been well received. This summer, the library will even launch a “Fun Science Camp” to cultivate scientists’ “logic” and “creativity” through scientific experiments and the understanding of marine science; the Yenchao Branch, which responds to localization, has long been closely connected to school life in the community. For example, the publication of the teaching material for local education, The Taste of Guava was made possible thanks to its collaboration with Anzhao Elementary School. Last year, the Yenchao Branch offered a course with Jinshan Elementary School, guiding students to learn scriptwriting, drawing, arranging music, recording, etc. It took half a year to lead school children to create a bilingual picture book of the natural landscape of Yenchao, Yenchao Has Something to Offer. This summer, the Yenchao Branch will be offering essay writing and modern poetry writing courses.


In line with the government’s 2030 Bilingual Nation policy, KPL has offered a series of practical English courses for readers of different age groups and regions through the Main Library and the various branches. For example, the Main Library will have an online English reading session for teens starting July 29, and the branches will hold activities to explore short essays.


The Sanmin Branch’s “People with Stories” workshop will also be open to people aged 55 and older who are interested in performing arts during the summer.


“KPL is closely connected to the community and is a great learning resource for readers of all ages. So readers can make use of it to find the best way to pursue their studies during the summer,” said Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of KPL.


This year, the event of “Night Stay at the Main Library” will be resumed and students will be able to experience the library at night during the summer vacation.


Lee-Ko-Yung Memorial Library often provides courses in ecology, and this summer there will be various events there.


The summer AR events of KPL is available for reservation every day.


"Little Farmers’ Experience” will be held at the Mituo Park Branch during the summer vacation.


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