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Main Library of Kaohsiung Public Library creates New "Alluring" Spot; New Bay Garden Stays with Travelers to Harbor with “Light”

The green building cultural landmark of "a tree in the building and a building in the tree" of Kaohsiung Public Library attracts the attention of people nationwide. With the arrival of TAi Urban Resort in the co-constructed cultural and creative hall in the Main Library, KPL commissioned Unolai Lighting Design & Associates led by world-class lighting designer Uno Lai to adjust the lighting on the top floor of the Main Library, so that readers in the library or travelers in the hotel can feel the atmosphere of being surrounded by the library and the bookstore. It has created a benevolent, safe and aesthetically appealing leisure environment.


The lighting on the top floor of the Main Library was renewed with LED lighting, and the ambiance of lighting of the trees, landscape pool and amphitheater was enhanced. Before the renovation, the trees were lit from inside the 6th floor, with soft viewing angles. However, when viewed from the upper floors, the trees could not be highlighted. So the lighting of the trees was enhanced in the New Bay Garden. The landscape pond was also enhanced to create the ambiance of lighting at the location of the climbing vine columns.

Uno Lai is expert at using the power of light and shadow to create spatial level experience. He has been engaged in lighting design for more than two decades, and his works have appeared in important cities in the world in China and the United States. The most well-known masterpieces are the façade lighting renovation of Taipei 101 and Agora Garden.

 Due to the characteristics of the hanging green building, it has become a private attraction for local people in Kaohsiung. By lighting up the New Bay Garden, the relaxing atmosphere during the day is extended to the elegant quietness at night; the whole garden attracts more people to visit because of the gentle and non-explosive night lighting. It follows the example of New York City's High Line Park and becomes a popular park with urban landscape renovation.


With the completion of Phase II, the Library has enhanced its nighttime lighting to give visitors a new perspective on the beauty of the harbor, with a better view from the top of the Main Library. The most "alluring" part of the New Bay Garden is that the trees in the pavilion can be seen at a glance from the overlook. For the truss platform, in addition to the indirect lighting of the seats in the pool area, the truss floodlights have been added to create an L-shaped curve with natural light, so that people resting on the platform feel as if they are in a box of light. Warm white, low-profile and elegant lighting is used as the main light source for the New Bay Garden. At the same time, it takes into consideration the usage of the night visitors and the viewing angle of the guests of TAi Urban Resort, and controls the scenery by time period to achieve the environmental protection concept of energy sustainability. With the adjusted lighting and the setting sun, visitors can enjoy a more delicate and comfortable nighttime experience.




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